Friday, December 15

High Healed Shoes Affect Spine.

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The long use of high healed shoes affects the alignment of the spine. A Radiotherapist and Oncologist expect at national hospital Abuja Nigeria confirmed this. It also caused imbalance in the stability of the tender of the ligament. Posture expects, have described ideal alignment in terms of the location of body pasts used as landmarks, relative to a vertical plumb line that runs down through the centre of the body.

Clinically or otherwise, ideal postural alignment occurs at the joints with the two bones meeting at their centers. Ideal postural alignment causes the least amount of musculoskeletal pain and strain. This effects the alignment of the spine in particular, so with time it causes imbalance in the stability of the ligament that supports the structure. With time also, one might start  having problems with this, so if you are the type that are used to wearing high healed shoes all the time, you are creating problems for yourself. Over a period of time, you start having back pain that is intractable because of the imbalance created over time.

Many women were in the habit of wearing high healed shoes, but did not know its implications. A lot of women felt uncomfortable wearing the shoes yet they insist on putting them on just to be in vogue with fashion or appear fashionable. Investigations also revealed that women who wore high healed shoes in the past now preferred low healed ones or what they call flat heal, for comfort. A 48—year old civil servant said she stopped wearing high healed shoes because she develop some pain in the spine and it was doctors advice that made her to stop after she developed pains in her late 30s. A shoe dealer also confirmed that he made more sales of flat shoes than the high healed ones. He said “that most women especially those in WHITE COLLAR jobs preferred low heal for convenience and flat shoes and sandals were now in vogue.’’


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