Monday, December 11

Old Habits.

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Old habits they say die hard, if the words of Jude are anything to by. This saying must shed some light on the personality of Tiv outing president Asorom peters. Not only is Jude the king of Tiv land where Asorom Peters held from, he is a maternal cousin of presidents.

What’s more, they are classmates at the Tiv comprehensive primary school way back in the early 40s while studying for their standard six certificates

Jude went down memory lane and made a stunning revelation when he said the outing president as a pupil had the queer habit of helping his classmates to do their homework’s while leaving his own undone. He made remarks while trying to explain the type of person the president is. ‘My brother’ (peters) is a very helping person. I am not surprised at what he is doing today.

Doesn’t that make the president a deviant as a school pupil? Jude disagrees and rather ascribes Peter’s stronger behavior as a school pupil to a practical demonstration of his belief in self-abnegation, of his willingness to help others solve their problems at the detriment of his own.

He went ahead to read out endless list of benefits that have accrued to his domain in the four years of peters reign as the president of Tiv land. If people are saying peters is bad, we here would never say so. If they are saying he is stingy, we will disagree. If they say his bad news, I want to say he is the best thing that has happened to us.

His becoming president was a blessing for us and we thank God for his life. Before now, ours was a rural settlement without any amenity. Now we have everything we’ve wanted; light, water, good roads, and modern houses, name it. Describing peters as a self-made man. Jude praised him for weathering the storm of life despite losing both parents very early in life. I have very great respect for him, though I am older than


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