Wednesday, December 13

Solstice + Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse = Darkest Night in 456 Years?

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Solstice + Full Moon + Total Lunar Eclipse = Darkest Night in 456 Years?

Some time around 21 December 2010 there is supposed to be a  Total Lunar Eclipse.  Since it will also be Solstice, the shortest day and longest night of the year,  some say it will be the darkest night in 456 Years.   Prime time for creatures of the night,  blood suckers,  lawyers, vampires, zombies and congressmen.

Get your Dark on!

Scientists, who are rarely if ever much fun, point out that it may not be particularly dark and that a New Moon  for instance would be darker.  Why spoil the fun!   Have a fun time and let out the dark!


Dark Moon Rising

dark moon



By poetryman69

Dark Moon.  Hidden Sun.

Lunar Lovers

Rising with the full orb.

Knee deep in the steaming blond grasses.

Drifting to the water edge


Mining ocher in the desert at night under a full moon

Draining substance from veins of color in the desert under a full moon

Echoes of moon pools on a desert floor.

Moon pools under desert stars


Desert Moon Poems, Desert Moon Poetry, Desert Moon Verses

By poetryman69

Window Rock. Stone poetry for 090909. What rises from the desert under the moonlight.

Water Wizards

Stone Poetry

Twilight Poems and New Moon Poetry

Desert Dreams

Atacama Desert

Angelic Verses

Queue the Sunset

Dusk Like a Dying Mirror

Copper Moon

Harvest Moon (Oct)

Harvest Moon,Long Hair Moon,Ten Colds Moon,Falling Leaves Moon, Hunter’s Moon,Blood Moon,Wine Moon,Travel Moon,
Spirit Moon,Snow Moon,Shedding Moon,White Frost Moon


Beaver Moon (Nov)

Beaver Moon,Tree Moon,Poverty Moon,Trading Moon,Falling Leaves Moon, Freezing River Moon,Snow Moon,Frosty Moon,Fog Moon,Oak Moon, Mad Moon, Storm Moon,Dark Moon


Cold Moon (December)

Cold Moon,Night Moon,Respect Moon,Peach Moon,Twelfth Moon, Big Winter Moon,Ashes Fire Moon,Oak Moon,Long Night Moon,
Popping Trees Moon,Running Wolves Moon,Frost Fish Moon, Finger Moon

The Moon of Long cold nights.  Winter Solstice Moon.




Wolf Moon

Snow Moon

Worm Moon

Pink Moon

Flower Moon

Strawberry Moon

Buck Moon

Sturgeon Moon

Corn Moon

Harvest Moon

Beaver Moon

Cold Moon

Twilight Poems and New Moon Poetry

Prediction for 10/10/10

Prophesy for Sept 11, 2010

Dictionary of Dreams

Racing for the Sunrise under an Electric Moon

It is near dawn and I have just been shot out of a cannon

A typical commute,

paying some Spaniard

for the right and privilege to drive 80 miles an hour through the heart of Dallas.

The tollways takes its toll as speeding commuters squirt out onto surface streets

like steel blood loss under sodium vapor lamps burning mercury.

I rose up 18 floors into the executioner’s song of a sunrise.

On the way to pour hot caffeine directly into my veins

I peer out through the fleeting dark at a jeweled city

rising from slumber.

Giant buildings eat people disgorged from buses

only to spit them out again when the day done.


A Catchment full of Moonlit Water

A misty river in a mossy vale

A catchment full to the brim of moonlit water

Lichen covered boulder worn smooth by time and water

Knee deep in the dragonfly grasses

Barren beach on a cold lake

Ribbed dry bones of the earth

a place of water ages past but  alas, it flows no more

Staccato cliffs like shattered bones and broken teeth

Twisted shoals mired in milky mist







bruised moon

blue moon

pinkpink moon

blue moon

ice moon





NASA Lunar Eclipse Data

3 Eclipses

Sacrifice time.  Prepare the Virgins!

Longest Eclipse




bruised moon

blue moon

pinkpink moon

blue moon

ice moonBlackHoleSunmoonscallopFractal_10-3-2009_1Fractal_10-3-2009_2

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