Monday, December 11

Being Lucky.

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Oh yes, I told you that you must have GOD on your side,

To become somebody in life

This is what I mean by”BEING LUCKY”

I have learnt to be hardworking and trust God,

This is all the life I know,

A life of hard work and believing God

Or should I still say am being lucky

I am not the most brilliant or the smartest

Yet I have accomplished so much

And gain recognition anywhere I go

I am not rich by any standard

But I am highly contented

I can say that God has brought me where I could not even imagine.

Am I not just being lucky?

What else have I learnt about life and luck?

Yes! One must take opportunities as they come

It is very important that you quickly recognize opportunity

And take it immediately you are presented with one

Don’t say you are not being lucky

I will continue to make noise and speak up

Some people go around saying,

I am one of the oppressors that show off their wealth,

I am just a writer and I will remain a writer,

Indeed, am being lucky!

Many people who badmouth me

Don’t even know me

I don’t know what I have done to deserve such criticisms

If I do what Mr. Hello is doing

The same people will face me

Well! Is all about being lucky

I thank God, it turned out fine

I have not committed a crime

This is the price I have to pay for success

I am being lucky!


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