Wednesday, December 13

Swimming Together.

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Accept others for what they are and who they are

Appreciate the difference that exist between you and them

Cos the difference could have been that of economic or ethnic back-ground

Look for a common ground to relate with them

Care and have some love for others

Irrespective of where they are coming from

Keep at the back of your mind this popular saying,

‘United we stand, divided we fail’

 A lot people ask if I am an orphan or better still a less privilege,

But I am not and even if I am, does that make any difference?

I reckoned that we really cannot build a strong and viable society

If we neglect the less privilege especially the orphan

Can we all be at bar the same time; I don’t think so

All fingers they say are not equal.

It is bad enough that they are less privilege and orphans

But when we add neglect to their plight

It becomes more difficult to bear.

The unity of the world are threaten by various forces

It is time for all to rise up and tackle these problems

Because it has held our development as nation down the years

We all can have good life

Not necessary one with all the trappings of wealth and affluence

But one filled with many happy days and fewer sad ones.

We have all had shock treatment

Maybe with emotional and psychological attachment

But it is time to begin the healing process

Let’s swim together.


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