Tuesday, December 12

Classical Example.

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Of course you know her

A radical constitutional lawyer and human rights activist

She is one of the most strident voices of dissent anytime peoples right are trampled upon

She is a woman of substance with sterling qualities.

She is a great achieve, a workaholic

This distinguished her while at helm of affairs

Through her handwork, and diligences,

She was able to secure debt cancellations

She recorded landmark achievements

She was able to prove that what a man can do, a woman can do better

Her life was remarkable.

Well before you blame him,

When he was growing up

He was told he is a man

And so he should not sweep the floor of the house,

Wash the plates or even cook;

WHY? He is a man.

So he became useless right from the very beginning

And his sister, oh she did all the work

And she is now better for it

Most people can tell that,

The female child seems to be forging ahead at the moment,

She is beginning to become bank manager, minister and maybe soon presidents,

Because where ever you find her,

She works with passion and earns her position and ever more than we are ready to give her sometimes.

We use to accuse her she got to the top

Because she slept her way to the top

But she has come to realize that,

She can leave that to the men who now do the otherwise

Men wake up!

Women are working legimately for their fortune and firm now.

While she is forging ahead,

Most men through nurturing are leaving with an entitlement mentality Waiting to milk her of what she worked hard for

Because he believe she got it by sleeping with other men,

That was then not now,

She is a classical example.


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