Tuesday, December 12

MY Future

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What has fate in store for me?

Riches, happiness and all the best?

Poverty, misery and all the worst?

I must now have my future unfolded.

To the astrologer, I found my way.

My birth date I told him, the stars he read.

“By Jove! You’re an Aquarian,” shouted he.

“Rejoice, for your future is really bright,”

In a Mallam’s hut, I soon found myself,

The Koran he read, the tusba he counted,

“Allahu-akbar!” he signed with joy.

Allah has given you a promising future”

Inside the spiritual church, I knelt in prayer

Holding the bible and kissing the cross,

Oh father in heaven the pastor finally said

Thanks for giving thy son such glorious future

Before a spiritualist my fourth pose I made

Libation he poured, with the dead hr spoke,

Your great, great grandfather, he told me.

Has promised you a splendid future,

In a fetish grove, I was made to prostrate,

The kola the priest cleaved, into my face he spat,

And consulting his Tigari, he whisked me and said,

Son, Nana Tigari promises you a joyous future,

Walking back home, I met a palmist,

My palm he held; at me, he stared

And drawing figures on the sand, he also said

Lucky soul, you have an enviable future

Expecting riches, happiness and all the best,

Why then should I sorrow and cry?

 For indeed the fortune tellers have all confirmed.

That my future shall be bright.


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