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Causes of Pain in The Middle of The Back

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But, once in a while, there is a person who complaints pain in the middle of the back and at times, this pain could be so severe and can be persisting as well.

When considering the nature of the pain, it can be a localized pain or else can be a radiated pain from another part of the body such as the front of the chest, upper or lower back or else from another internal structure. Its onset may be sudden or else gradual whereas most of the pains will be resolved within few days with some persisting. Therefore, let us see what can give rise to pains of this nature.

-Muscle strains and ligament sprains

In most instances, the reason for pain would be a stretch in the muscles or else in the ligaments. This can take place either as an acute insult or as a gradual insult. Therefore, lifting of heavy weights, involvement of vigorous exercises, prolonged working in an unaccustomed position as well as adopting wrong postures in performing functions will lead towards an acute insult. Use of excessively soft mattresses which does not support the spine as well as working in front of a computer with a poor back support can all lead to chronic type of injury. In susceptible individuals, including people in their older age are susceptible to develop such pain due to wear and tear injuries in this region as well.

-Spinal injuries

Usually, the spine in the middle region of the back is firmly fixed and therefore not much movement is provided. Therefore, such injuries in the region are rare. But, local trauma to the area or else certain wear and tear injuries can give rise to spine related pain and in certain instances, disk prolapsed can also lead to pain in the middle of the back.

-Heart diseases

Usually, a heart condition which gives rise to a pain in the middle of the back would be associated with a left sided chest pain as well. Therefore, in such instances, seeking medical help would be a prudent idea as such conditions need early attention and care.

-Gastric or duodenal ulcers

In severe gastric ulcer disease and in instances such as ruptured gastric ulcers, the patients can complain of a back pain in the middle of the chest. The pain would be intense and there would be other signs which will lead towards a different diagnosis than a simple muscular or ligament injury.

-Lung conditions

In cases of pneumonia, plural irritations…etc can also give rise to pain in the same region.

Apart from these, various other conditions can also lead to pain the middle of the back and if it is continuing without improvement from rest and simple analgesics, medical advice should be obtained.


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