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Challenges And Advantages OF Outdoor Advertising.

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 Outdoor advertising has been catching like a wild fire, though it has been described by many as the most effective and successful but expensive advertising medium. At time like this, marketing communications budget is usually the most effected, says the aspects.

Certainly, the economy crunch has created a vacuum. Some out-door owners has have also decried poor turnover in the out gone  years due to the effect of the economic down turn—which recorded al time low in outdoor deployment y brands. 

Another challenge that confronted the out door advertising business in resent years was access to secure facilities. The stringent procedures introduced by the banks did not help matter as out door owners went round cap in hand seeking funds from unlikely places like friends and associates to invest in new technologies and hoarding. As one of the most expensive mediums in communications, for installing a modern out-of-home facility cost ore setting up a TV station said one of the participations of the just concluded Dubai out-of-home, inspiration exhibition.

Out door advertising practitioners have struggled under unfriendly sector policy thrown up by the banking sectors coupled with stricter regulatory procedures introduced by governments. Apart from the difficulties faced by out-of- home owners, the advertisers have also struggled to finance some of the outdoor advertising companies due to lack of fund at their disposal.

Out door has provided a unique advertising, platform to many multinationals. Some of these brands distinguish themselves from other through usage of out-of-home that is primarily out of reach of the so called ‘small brands’

Brands within this category include those in FMCG, financial sector and to a large extent, culinary segment, the benefit that came with out-door advertising spread immediately opened the financial brand custodians eye and the industry because an all-comets affair.


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