Tuesday, December 12

IS Outdoor Advertising Still Relevant?

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 Outdoor advertising has over the years metamorphosed with great sophistication and diversification beyond the usual. It is one of the most powerful mediums in advertising and to a large extends one of the most expensive. Over the years, deep pocket brands have utilized this medium for top mind exposures. However, a billboard has all become a status symbol for corporate organizations and brands hence the attraction by some self-acclaimed global and local brands.

 All around the globe, one can hardly find conventional billboards as everything outdoors has gone digital. This sophistication has also found its way into the under developed and developing countries—–thereby slowing their development and growth to compete favorably with the developed countries……with gantry, bulletin, stand alone, rooftop, unipole, wall advert and others in use, it can be said that the outdoor industry has come to stay.

Expectedly, integrated marketing communication (IMC), industry which comprises media, advertising, promotion activities and of course out-of –home popularly known as outdoor advertising is living up to its prognosis. As predicted in many quarters, marketing budget, media spent which includes sponsorship, endorsement and experiential activity was sliced considerably. Not only had the global economic down turn caused a lot in the very urban outdoor advertising practice in many country, it had lay a major role in many organization in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), financials and telecommunications maintaining some low profile exposure.

There is an indication that out-door deployment by brands had caused a terrible set back in revenue generation. Some brand continued to be consistent with a shoestring budget while others wind in the effort deployment of outdoor advertising apart from engaging other components of marketing communications aggressively across the globe.


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