Monday, December 11

This Road Madness

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I felt deeply concerned and worried when I read the story of road accident. I felt disturbed because it is almost becoming an everyday or every week affair and people are being maimed or killed. The stories are reported and after that nobody hears anything again. And business goes on as usual. To make matter worse, government official convoys has becoming reoccurring decimal.

The list has been growing and I think time has come for us to be a little creative in this matter and begin to address the problem. Most government officials use four wheel vehicles more especially Toyota Prado, once you get 120km per hour, you get warning. Unfortunately, the drivers do not pay attention to the warning. Now if I may ask; what kind of people do we have as drivers? What is the level of their training? What are their qualifications? How disciplines are they? Is there any speed limit in the curriculum? Is there any code of conduct? Is there any operational manual? How often do we train drivers? Have we taken mental note of those vehicles incidents? Have we been keeping records of the victims, the cost and the pains?

As we pounder over these questions, I want to suggest that we quickly set up a code of conduct. We can no longer ignore the incessant tragedies associated with drivers. The number of deaths are rising, the pain are becoming too much, the costs have become enormous. This madness most stop now. Let’s give the drivers a code of conduct.


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