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Chris Brown Best Songs: 12 Best Songs by Chris Brown

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Chris Brown made it big with his self-titled debut that was released when he was just 16 years old. Since then he became a staple on the charts and in the headlines due to his violence against former girlfriend Rhianna. While the man made an awful mistake he has paid for his crime and still is quite a talented performer. For this list I chose the best songs from Chris Brown’s first three albums and wrote a bit about each of them. In all it added up to 12 in total that are in my opinion Chris Brown’s best songs.

Run It– His number one single from back in 2005 that features Juelz Santana. Very catchy.

Ya Man Ain’t Me– Really nice beat on this song about a girl’s boyfriend not being as good as Chris.

Poppin’– Cool hook.

Just Fine– A break up song where Chris sings that the girl is better off without him in her life.

Ain’t No Way-Smooth song with a fantastic instrumental backing his vocals.

Forever– This is definitely at the top of the best songs that Chris Brown has ever made, sounds great.

So Cold- Sad song about losing the girl you love and the aftermath of feeling awful.

I Need This– A guitar and drum laced track which is a nice change of pace.

What I Do– Chris pretty much bragging about his lifestyle but with a heavy beat behind What I Do it becomes easy to enjoy.

Deuces– Really great song about moving on from your ex because you know that there is someone out there better for you.

With You– Probably my favorite song off this list. It sounds amazing.

I Wanna Be– I love the hook on this song. Chris sings about wanting to be the only man for a girl and be the best she’s ever had.


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