Thursday, December 14

Green Gifts For Christmas

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New manufactured products consume fuel, require yields of packaging, and generate heaps of gift wrapping at Christmas than any other day of the year, all of which inevitably end up in already garbage-congested landfills.
Try something different this year and give your loved ones green gifts for Christmas. You can also help to boost your local economy when you purchase your green gifts from hometown businesses.

Farmers Market
Assemble a gift basket filled with local produce, jams, bread, candies, coffee, tea, honey, butter or any of your local staples. The Farmer’s Market is also a great place to purchase locally-made items like jewelry, creative art, crafts, and clothing.

Give a gift certificate from your local natural food store.

Health and Wellness
Give a gift certificate for a massage, membership to the gym, yoga or Zumba class.

Assemble a gift basket with an assortment of seeds and herb starters for the backyard gardener.

Give a card inviting your guest(s) out to a night on the hometown like dinner at the local hot spot and a movie or play.

Christmas Cards and Gift Tags
Buy Christmas cards made of 100% recycled paper. Make your own gift tags by cutting out old greeting cards. Make cutouts shapes like leaves, flowers, bears, hearts or basic shapes.

Gift Wraps
Wrap gifts with a decorative cloth or sew a drawstring sack.

Gift of Yourself
Nothing is more thoughtful than the gift of your time and effort. Share your talent by creating your own invitation offering a healthy home-cooked meal, becoming a fitness partner or a friend in a supportive way. Other ideas could include making something yourself like a cookbook of your best recipes, some homemade jam, a basket bouquet or a signature ornament. There are so endless possibilities for green gift giving.

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