Wednesday, December 13 Resolution?

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The VP of left a comment for me on Mr. Fischer desires to assist me from my dealing with Pam Saxton and Victoria Cliente. Read for yourself. Do you think Mr. Fischer is sincere?





I’d really like to help straighten this out and get your money back if you’re due a refund. Can you pls contact me at or 213-XXX-XXXX.


thanks, George Fischer, VP, Corp Communications


Fri, December 10, 2010 5:44:14 PM [ No Subject ]



Sophialaurenea Destine


George Fischer

Dear Mr. George Fischer, VP, Corp Communications,

I honestly am leery of your suggestion. I made several attempts to communicate with Pam Saxton and Victoria Cliente representatives of I wanted to be an employee of your company willing to work 32-36 hours: And when school was close; I could see an easy 44 hours. Unfortunately, for me that all changed when Victoria hung up the phone on me.I am requesting for the $19.95 for the iOffice and $199.00 for the product I paid for. I already gave the product away; as written in the article published on My address is 1659 XXXX St. XXX, CA 94551. If you do keep your word; I will published this email. I will also inform the readers that my refund was return. I will cease all blunt truth of Pam and Victoria being dishonesty with by my creative writing.

Ms. Sophialaurenea Y. Destine


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