Saturday, December 16

Christmas Herbs And Spices

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It is great to smell the aroma of cinnamon, bayberry, or gingerbread during the holiday season. Some herbs are quite useful and popular in aromatherapy. Herbs and spices have been used for centuries in herbal medicine, aromatherapy, cooking, etc. Some herbs even hold very symbolic meanings for the holidays. Today, herbal medicine is becoming more and more popular as a safe and effective means of treatment for many different medical conditions. Herbs are often preferred because they are natural and do not put harmful chemicals into the body. Herbs are available fresh, as capsules, powders, extracts, roots, etc. Some people prefer to grow their own. Always seek advice from an expert before taking herbs as a supplement or as a health remedy.

The rosemary tree is often used during the holiday season for decorative purposes. It is a popular seasoning for cooking.

Bedstraw has the aroma of sweet honey. It can be used to make a natural red dye.

Ginger is popular in herbal medicine today. It is prescribed for many ailments. It is used for baking desserts. In some regions of the world it is used to season meat. The root can be ground and used in recipes. During the holidat season, ginger ale and ginger beer is popular beverages.

Sage is used for flavoring meat and potatoes. It has medicinal uses too.

Lavender is one of the most popular scents for women during the holiday season. It is very sweetly scented.

Bayberry wax is used for making candles.

Cinnamon is very popular in herbal medicine. It has a sweet scent. It is used as a spice in many desserts and dishes. Cinnamon sticks are used to flavor and garnish holiday drinks. It has a wonderful aroma.


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