Friday, December 15

Diets, Their Pros And Cons

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With the onset of spring every woman dreams to finally break out of the suffocating embrace of fur coats and heavy coat, put on his short skirts or tight-fitting breeches, But to walk on a spring sunny streets, catching himself on the admiring glances of passersby. However, in what is an unpleasant surprise when, in last year’s jeans Lightning does not converge, and a favorite blouse just bursting at the seams? My head immediately starts to spin a single phrase, which already makes it impossible to think of something else: Lose weight! Urgently!

Decide to lose weight it is sometimes quite difficult, because, as you know, harder to keep shape than a couple of days to hold on diet. Therefore, in this case, the main thing to understand for themselves what back roads already can not be. Only sticking to a permanent regular and balanced diet and regularly engaging in physical exercise, we can talk about any positive result.

Slender man – is primarily a healthy person, so as better or worse, a single diet, devoid of the entire complex necessary for human body vitamins and minerals, can sometimes backfire.

Each person is different and each are different reasons for which he has excess weight, – Whether by nature he inherited a “gift”, or improper nutrition possible, whether hormonal disruptions do not allow yourself to forget about.

Therefore, in our new series of articles will include examples of a variety of Diets Their positive and negative effects on the body, resulting in you may be able to pick up a preferred option. Kremlin or Japanese diet, Buckwheat or kefir – They all require a strictly individual approach depending on the availability of certain diseases, or personal intolerance products.

It should be noted that in all its diversity, each diet reduces to the fact that you need to use calories per day. Their average for this varies from 1000. Of course, such a restriction is quite tough, especially for beginners, so calories in some cases, the place to start and grow, especially given the individual rate of metabolism of each person. At the same time to achieve results Weight Loss You should always make sure that your energy is expended is much stronger and bigger than the calories that come from food. In other words, you need to move more and exercise. Go for fitness or self-doing in the gym, buy a bicycle or jogging in the morning – all this will not only strengthen your muscles, cardiovascular system and respiratory organs, but also give instant effect Weight Loss.

Love yourself and your body, listen to him, and you’ll always be in the spotlight!


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