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Choose Your Products, or Diet For Blood Group

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First of all, immediately stop thinking about new low-calorie diet, Or something worse – the complete starvation. After eating your body “respond” to such diet most negative way and will only stock up on fat in problem areas. This will cause a complete loss of protein which can not accumulate in the body. Its stocks are replenished only at the expense of muscle tissue, provoking at the same muscle failure, which develops anemia, heart failure, weakness, whole body, contributes to wrinkles and the development of many diseases. Consequently, if the full starvation your balance and went into negative – you should not rejoice, because in this situation only decreases your muscle tissue, while leaving the fat in its place.

In order to return slim figure you just need to start burn calories and watch your food.

The quickest way to burn calories this, of course, exercise, and what most effective ways to lose weight this cycling and running, resulting in burned 600 kcal / hour. When aerobic exercise leaves 360-480 kcal / hour, while swimming – 360-750 (depending on style) kcal / hour, jumping rope 540 kcal / hour. However, if you have systematically engaged in any sports, you should not increase the load as enhanced training would result in excessive muscle tissue. To increase the effect of exercise after a workout you can go to the sauna – steamed leather, along with then withdraw from the body toxins and wastes that have accumulated for your holidays.

If you do not have time and opportunity to play sports, do not worry, there is a lot of physical activity in normal everyday life that you can use for intensive burning calories. For example, the morning cleaning the bed or wash floors burns 130 kcal, apartment cleaning with a vacuum cleaner – 250 kcal. If you need to walk, try to increase their normal step, because the faster you go, the more calories you burn (when walking at a speed of 5 km / h – burned 300 kcal, 8 km / h – 480 kcal). If you constantly sit at home watching television and absolutely do not want to bother to load, try even more to change attitudes, lying on the couch, shifting, open and close the hand of some object, and switch the TV manually without using the remote control. Thus, you can lose more than 500 kcal per day.

Surprising fact is that neat figure largely depends on how many hours a day do you sleep. Although during sleep is burned only about 70 kcal / hour, but a healthy sleep affects metabolism. With a lack of sleep (at least 7-8 hours), reduced metabolism, increased nervous tension and, consequently, body weight loss does not occur.

Speaking of eating, of course, it is worth mentioning that the need to eat little but often, without giving up any of the fat, or from proteins and carbohydrates. However, for Weight Loss stick to the rules of a separate feed, do not align with proteins and fats, eat at one time but is well compatible with each product, for example, align meat, fish and poultry are not only green-starchy vegetables, and breads, cereals and potatoes combine with butter or vegetable, sour cream or vegetables.

Avoid unnecessary handling of products, especially frying. Remember that cooking oil – one of the most high-calorie foods (sunflower oil contains 900 kcal/100 oz.), so the meat or vegetables when frying not only lose their beneficial properties, but also become more calories. Meal distribute every 4 hours, using a time roughly the same number of calories. 4 hours before sleep do not eat meat and fish, and you limit the fermented milk products or a light salad.

And, of course, drink lots of water. Not having calories, water causes your body to work and spend precious energy. At the same time it improves metabolism, eliminates toxins and purifies the body.

Keeping all these rules, you will not only lead themselves in the past perfect form, but also initiated a healthy lifestyle.


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