Sunday, December 17

Fruit Diet, Losing Weight is Tasty And Fast!

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Say that fruit and weight loss are incompatible, right here ready to argue, because repeatedly fed on it self alone fruit, although not to grow thin but just wanted to unload some gastrointestinal side effects but were always missing somewhere pounds.

It turns out to Fruits too bad you can lose weight, most importantly to use them wisely and you can easily lose 5-7 kg per week.

You should not sit on fruit diet if you have stomach problems, because the fruit can significantly increase the acidity in the stomach, which will more harm than good. So try it.

First you need to eliminate from the diet of flour, sugar, cereals, diet therefore called fruit “That it is based on fruit. Particularly useful for pineapple especially if it is ripe.

K Fruits You can add a little honey, but there is also no need to get involved, because honey is a very caloric.

Just have to give up grapes and bananas, as this is a very high-calorie foods and eating their weight will increase.

There fruit possible throughout the day so that hunger does not have to. Except fruit drink plenty of fluids: mineral water, tea, sugar-free juices.

Morning you can start with Salad or fresh fruit puree Above all to Breakfast was tight, because breakfast is the charge for the day.

On lunch you can eat a slice of lean cooked meat 200-300 grams (though I do without meat), dessert again fit fruit.

On dinner to Fruits You can add vegetables, any, except potatoes.

Throughout the day, do not forget about the liquid and drink as much as possible from morning till evening.

General fruit diet not as boring as it seems at first glance. In fact, from fruit you can make a lot of dishes, a fruit salads, soups, pancakes, etc., the main creative approach to this process and then the diet will be a joy.


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