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Toy Story 2 Film Review

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Toy Story 2 see Woody, Buzz and the Gang all back with Andy but things are about to change as Andy goes off to cowboy camp. Woody has been looking forward to going to cowboy camp with Andy and is frantically searching for his hat so he is complete and fit to go. Unfortunately Andy rips Woody’s arm before they go so he decided to leave him behind. Woody is devastated by this and Mom puts him up on a high shelf so she can repair his arm.

Woody is upset and soon discovers that another old broken toy is also on the shelf and has been forgotten about, Wheezy who has a broken squeak. Mom is having a yard sale and clears out some of Andy’s toys and places Wheezy in the box so Woody decides that he must go and rescue him with the help of the family dog.

When Woody reaches the yard sale he is spotted by a toy store owner and despite Mom hiding Woody away as she says he is not for sale Al, the toy store owner steals him and makes off. Buzz and the gang have witnessed this and decide that they must make a rescue mission and get Woody back to Andy’s room.

Can Buzz and the gang work together in the big wide world to save Woody and if not just what does Woody’s future hold?

I loved the first film and had high hopes for the second one being just a good and I can say it really did live up to my expectations. I was wondering what they were going to do with the story for this film as another one centred around the house and the garden would have been quite boring but the story they did produce really was good and very entertaining. I loved how the toys had to go out into the big wide world and seeing how they coped with it.

The animation was excellent throughout the film and the attention to detail really was spot on. The character really did come to life and they were made to look so real. We had a lot of background scenery in all of the shots and the way this was made was excellent and it all looked so detailed and real. I loved how the humans actually looked like humans and their appearance was not changed at all as this made the film seem more real. The shading of the characters and the way they moved was created and produced in such a way I did at times forget that this was an animation. I did purposely look out for small details and found loads which were added just to make the film look more real and some included the wobbling of Al’s belly when he walked and the way he had orange fingers after eating a bowl of Wotsits!

The characters were all very easy to get to know and like even if you have not seen the first film. They all had great voices ad I am glad that the original cast came back to do the voices again as they seemed to work and fit very well. The main vocals for me came from Tom Hanks how played Woody, Tim Allen who played Buzz and Joan Cussack who played Jessie. They somehow managed to bring the animations to life and make them have emotions and feelings just by the way they read their lines and I think this is quite a skill and a lot of credit needs to go to both the actors who voiced the parts and the animators for the way they were able to put small characteristics and eye movements in to fit with the voce.

There is some humour in the film and both me and hubby did have a good laugh at times, this is a family film which is aimed more at the young market but some of the jokes and spoken bits were aimed at the adult audience and I think this was a good mix as it means it is more enjoyable by the adults that are made to sit through it by their children and it keeps them interested. There is an evil member of the cast in this film but I do not think he is overly scary and would certainly not upset young viewers.

The music throughout the film was very good and in keeping with the story and animation, the one song which really stood out for me was ‘You’ve Got a Friend in me’ and the one which was sung at the very end. The songs were mainly lively and enjoyable and children will soon be able to sing along to them. The rest of the music was good and helped with the story setting and emotions of the film.

There are no bonus features to speak about as this is a film only review. The running time of the film is 92 minutes and I think this is an appropriate length for children to be kept sat still. The rate is a Universal and have to agree with this as it is suitable for the whole family to sit and share together.

I can only give this film the full 5 stars as it has everything you need for a good family film. The animation is excellent, the characters are easy to get to know and like and the story is very entertaining. Cant wait to see Toy Story 3 now!


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