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The Invention of Lying Film Review

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Is honesty really the best policy, well in this world it is all that is known, no one can lie and everyone speaks the truth no matter how hurtful it may be. Mark is a script writer for a film company but he is down on his luck after a very unsuccessful date with a woman he has liked for ages and then loosing his job he really feels rubbish.

Things are about to change for mark when he goes to the bank to withdraw some money to pay his rent and he gets something in his bran telling him to say he has more money than he actually does. This works and Mark realises that he can tell lies. He uses this to his advantage and soon his life is looking up. He tries to explain this to his friends but they cannot understand it so Mark goes out to get what he wants.

He calls up Anna who he had the unsuccessful date with and makes sure she agree to another one and they seem to hit it off slightly more now that Mark is slightly more successful. Hs worlds turns completely around though when he goes to speak to his scared dying Mom and tells her about magical place where she will go after she dies and how she will get a mansion but this is over heard by the Doctors and soon Mark is world famous and everyone wants to know all about this afterlife.

Will Mark tell the truth about his lie or will he continue to use his power to make his life just as he wants it and will he ever get Anna to fall in love with him?

Hubby bought this film some time ago but I have not really been inclined to watch it as t stars Ricky Gervais and I really do not like him but after seeing him in a few other films and actually quite enjoying his performance I decided to give this one a go. I found the story to be good and quite different from any I have seen before and the way the comedy was mixed in with the more serious side of the story was very good and made for some good entertainment.

Ricky Gervais plays the lead role of Mark and he did actually give a good performance. He played an English man living in America and he just seemed to be himself and not putting on any bad accents or appearance and for me this made him easier to watch. He was good at playing the sad and down on his luck side of the character and I genuinely believed the emotions and feelings he was trying to put across. He worked well with Jennifer Garner who played Anna and I thought there was a good chemistry between them both. Gervais did bring the majority of the humour to the film but this seemed to come effortless to him and I think this is what made me find t funnier than t actually was. He was natural with all his lines and even when he was bumbling lines it was apparent that this is how he wanted the character to be portrayed.

Jennifer Garner was good in the role of Anna and I loved how outspoken and truthful she was, this made for some very funny moments and how she managed to deliver some of the lines without laughing was beyond both me and hubby. She seemed confident and genuine on screen and this did help us to warm to her character. We did have some very good supporting role in the film and some of the actors included, Jonah Hill, Louis C K and Jeffrey Tambor. They were all very good and strong characters and I think they helped to give the story some much needed depth.

The film was set in America in the present day so not much effort was needed on the costumes or sets, they all looked very good and fitted into the film very well. One thing I did notice was how dull everything looked and how boring peoples lives were. We saw some of the TV adverts which were being shown on the TV and they were very dull and uninteresting and even the way people were when walking around town showed them to be quite sad and down on life, there really wasn’t much colour in the film and I would have liked to have seen more.

There are some very funny moments in this film and they do manly come from Gravis’ character of Mark, he seems to deliver his lines in a way that has me laughing when he is not even trying to be funny. The restaurant scenes and when he picked Anna up for their date were the best and funniest of the movie. The comedy may not be to everyone liking but both me and bubby enjoyed it.

There were no real special effects in the film but the few we had were good and fitted unnoticed into the film. The music was good but nothing special but it did fit well with the film and story.

The DVD which we have does have some bonus features which include:-

Prequel: The Dawn of Lying
Additional Scenes
A Truly ‘Honest’ Making of Featurettes with Ricky Gervais
Meet Karl Pilkington
More Laughter: Corpsing and Outtakes

As we have not watched these I am not able to make comment on them so this review really is to be classed as a film only one.

The running time of the film is 1 hour and 36 minutes and I did find this was just long enough. The rate is a 12 as it does contain moderate comic sex references. We paid just £5 for this DVD a few weeks ago and I feel this is a much more reasonable price than the full price of around £10.

I have to give this film a 4/5 stars as it really did surprise me. The acting was good and so too was the story. This is definitely a film for all fans of Gervais or those who enjoyed Ghost Town which was also written by and starred Gervais.


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