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Ice Age 3 Dawn of The Dinosaurs Film Review

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Manny and Elle are happy and expecting a baby which sees a few of the gang thinking about leaving and moving on, Diago feels he will he longer be needed so he tells them about his plans and soon Sid thinks he will also no longer be wanted so he sets off out on his own. Whilst Sid is on his travels he comes across 3 abandoned eggs which he decides he will adopt as his own.

Sid takes the eggs back to the group but they tell him he needs to return them to where he found them and reluctantly he agrees but when on his way back the eggs hatch and they are baby dinosaurs. The dinosaurs think Sid is their mother and he falls in love with them. Trouble them comes in the form of their real mother, a massive Tyrannosaurus who wants her babies back. She scoops them up in her mouth and also takes Sid.

The gang decide that they need to rescue Sid and set about tracking where the Mother has taken them. Soon they discover an underground world which is full of dangerous dinosaurs and it is here that they meet Buck who tells them of the dangers ahead and reluctantly agree to help them find Sid. Will the gang be able to find Sid and get him home to safety and will they be able to do this before Ellie gives birth?

I did enjoy the previous films so was looking forward to watching this one and both me and hubby decided that we would watch this on our own before out boys sat and watched as we would never have gotten to watch this in peace otherwise. The story was good and slightly different from the previous ones, there were some similarities from the previous ones but this just helped the continuity. Scrat the nut chasing squirrel was present in this film and like the other ones he opened the film but I am pleased to say he was shown a lot throughout the film and I loved what they did with his character.

The animation was excellent right from the beginning and I think the attention to detail was super. I was able to forget that this was an animation at times and really warm to all of the characters. They were bought to life and had lovely mannerisms and little things which they did which seemed to make them more real. The characters were greatly helped with their voices. The man ones being, Queen Latifah as Ellie, Denis Leary as Diago, John Leguizamo as Sid, Ray Rorano as Manny and the new addition of Simon Pegg as Buck. These were excellent choices for the characters and the way they worked with the animators and got emotions band feelings across was great. I was able to tell how each character was feeling just by the way a line was spoken and I think it takes a good skill to be able to do this.

There is some comedy in the film and this appeal to both the young and older audience, at times both me and hubby had a good laugh and I think the amount of adult humour was good as it means the parents who have to sit and watch with their children can enjoy and not get bored by the film. I think the funniest character in this film was definitely Buck as he came across so well and I loved how he thought he was something he was not. There is also a few scenes which verge on being scary for the younger audience but as this is an animated movie you know it is not going to be overly scary and it really does not get too bad and the characters manage to get themselves out of danger in quite a good and funny way so I think very young children should watch this with an older sibling or parent.

The setting for the film was good and I thought we had a good contract with the land on the surface of the Earth and the hidden underground world, the colour difference and brightness of the underground world made the film seem lighter and more easy to watch where as the surface land was quite dull in comparison.

My boys have now watched this film and they did thoroughly enjoy it, they warmed to the characters and remembered them from the previous films. They laughed out loud at Scrat when he was chasing his nut and the verdict they gave me was that this is a cool funny film and they have asked to watch it again.

As this is a film only review there are no bonus features to talk about. The running time of the film is 94 minutes and I think this is quite long enough for children to be expected to sit still for. The rate is a Universal and I do agree with this but advise that there is some mild peril which very young viewers may get scared at. The DVD can be bough from a variety of shops but it does come at around the £10 mark. This is currently being shown on Sky Movies Premier and Anytime TV and this is where I watched it from so saved a bit of money.

I have to give this film a good 4/5 stars as it is a great family film for all to sit and share and it also appeals to both the young and older audience. I would say to wait for the price to drop before buying the DVD though.


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