Friday, December 15

Volvic Touch of Blackcurrent Product Review

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Snack time at school means my boys are only allowed to take water to drink and as they are not overly keen on this I decided to try out a few of the flavoured waters to see if this encouraged them to drink it. The one which came out as the most popular with both my eldest boys was this one.


The water comes in a clear plastic bottle which allows you to see the clear liquid inside and know exactly how much is left in the bottle. There is a clear label around the middle of the bottle which has a green and purple colour on the edges and this contains the product name, the Volvic logo and all the information about the water. The top of the bottle has a purple screw cap which is easy to get on and off.


The water is very pleasant to drink and when opening the bottle I noticed that there was a faint hint of a smell, this was just like weak blackcurrant squash. The smell remained for the life of the drink. My boys enjoyed this water and found it was very refreshing but for me I think would have liked and bit more flavour.

It tasted very much like very weak squash and I am not a fan of weak squash and have to add a lot of cordial to make mine strong enough to drink. This was pleasant to drink on the hot days as it quenched my thirst easily. I did notice that I was left with a slight blackcurrant taste in my mouth after drinking this but it did not last long.

The water is better when it has been chilled and I do tend to leave mine in the fridge which means that by 10am snack time there is still some chill on the drinks in my boys water bottles. I found it is more refreshing when chilled.

You can make this stronger by adding blackcurrant cordial to it but this is defeating the object for me as they need the juice to be clear so the teachers think it is plan water.


The water comes in a bottle size of 1.5l and depending on how much you drink is how long the bottle will last. One bottle in my house s lucky to last for 2 days as my boys do drink a lot of it and so does hubby.

The ingredients for the blackcurrant water are:-

Volvic natural mineral water (94.4%), Sugar (4%) Acidity Regulator (citric acid), Natural Flavourings, Preservatives (potassium benzoate)

The nutritional values for a 100ml serving are:-

Energy – 16.7 Kcal
Protein – 0g
Carbohydrate – 4.0g
Of which sugars – 4.0g
Fat – 0g
Of which saturates – 0g
Fibre – 0g
Sodium – trace

The bottle has the usual Volvic claims that the water used in this drink has been filtered through 6 layers of volcanic rock and that is why it tastes to good but I don’t know whether to believe these or not!


We paid just under £1 for this 1.5litre bottle and compared to the free tap water this is quite high. They are usually on offer these bottles at Tesco with 2 bottles for £1.50 which is slightly better. We bought ours from Tesco but this is widely available in all good supermarkets.


I can personally only give this 4/5 stars, my boys and hubby say it deserves the full 5 stars but for me the lack of flavour has made me drop one star. This would be ideal if you like drinks with a hint of flavour and this is definitely worth buying to encourage children to drink more water.


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