Monday, December 11

My Single Friend by Jane Costello Book Review

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Lucy has a good job and lives with her best friend Henry who she has known since they were at school together. Lucy loves her life at the moment but she just wishes she could get a boyfriend. She is never short of dates but they always end up in disaster and she spends the next day telling Henry all about them.

Lucy and Henry get on so well but there has never been anything more than friendship between them. Lucy decides that geeky Henry needs a makeover so he too can get out on the market and find himself a girlfriend. Lucy enlists the help of her friends Dominique and Erin to help and soon ‘project Henry’ is underway. After some work and a lot of coaching Henry is soon ready to hit the clubs and try and pull a woman. Lucy is pleased for Henry and thinks the transformation in him is excellent, she really cannot believe how good and sexy he now looks. Henry starts off badly and struggles to talk to the ladies but after a talk from Dominique he soon masters the art or seduction.

Lucy is pleased for Henry but when he start to bring the women home she starts to get a feeling which she had never had before. Just how does Lucy feel about Henry and what will become of their love lives now Henry seems to have transformed into a playboy?

I have to admit that I only bought this book as the cover looked appealing and the blurb on the back made it seem like this would be an easy and fun read. I can confirm that this was a good choice as I really did enjoy the book and found it incredibly easy to read. The plot was nothing very special but it was good and enjoyable and although the story seems to have been done several times before in the movies the way this book was written was entertaining.

The characters were all very easy to get to know and like, the main ones being Lucy, Henry Dominique and Erin. They were all good people and all had disastrous love lives which gave us some good fun amusing parts to the story. Lucy seemed very down to Earth and I liked how the story was not just about her love and home life but we got to know about her working ay and also an insight into her family who were featured a bit in the story. This gave a little more depth to her character and made me understand why she was like she was. She seemed to have a wonderful friendship with Henry and the way it was written made the closeness seem genuine and at times I could not help feel that Henry was like an older brother in the way he was always there for her and wanting to protect her. Henry was another easy to like character and without giving the plot away I found right from the stat of the book he felt more than friendship for Lucy. He came across as quite geeky at the start of the book but it was nice to read about how he changed and grew as the story moved on.

The other characters including Lucy’s friends were all very good and quite different in their own ways, I did particularly like Dominique and thought she was a good strong lady who knew what she wanted.

The story was set in Liverpool and although we did not get to find out much about the city or places we did get to hear of a few good bars and clubs and the descriptions of them were good and detailed. I think we had just the right amount of outside settings which made the story move from work or the flat as this would have become a little tedious if these were the only two settings which we had.

I did find the writing style very easy to read and at times I was not able to put the book down, not so much for the gripping story but because I was enjoying reading it so much. This is a perfect book if you want a good holiday read or something light during the school holidays to take you away from the screaming and moaning children! The book is split into good short chapters which means it is easy to pick up and read one and then pop the book down. There is not a lot of thinking required when reading so this book can be picked up and put down easily without any of the story being forgotten about.

The book which I have is the paper back edition and it was published by Pocket Books. The retail price on the back cover is £6.99 and I did pay this full price but only because I bought this book and another one free. I think it is worth paying for if you can get it for under £5.

Overall I have to give this book a good 4/5 stars. I would have liked to have given it the full starts but I just found the end dragged slightly and it was quite predictable. This book is an ideal holiday read.


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