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Rules Unforgettable Sex

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I wanted romance, but it turned out like always? Or conversely, have decided to cheer up before work, but it turned out boring, and then not have enough time to put make-up?

The problem is that you get the wrong sex, had counted on. But to achieve the necessary not so difficult. Follow our instructions and you will have the desired sex when you want it.

Quick & Simple

Man and raves about the monstrous contraption from a sex shop and beckoning to watch naughty movies? And you, of course, irritating – so much so that to break a nail … I will tell you a secret: we fantasize of boredom, because everyday we get tired sex the same way as you wash dishes.

So, instead of boring – in your opinion, of course – sex to get a quick and easy, just two or three times to deny a dreamer. After an unexpected break, the man would agree on almost any terms.


Black caviar and champagne – delicious pleasure, and taste, they should be on a case by case basis. Otherwise they will become as familiar as fried potatoes and kvass. So it is with sex: romantic sex, when the way to the couch of love sprinkle rose petals in the tub or when someone is carefully stirred a couple of liters of milk – the pleasure is not for every day.

The easiest way to give yourself an unforgettable lovemaking – a break from a partner five or six days. During the year, suitable occasions recruited enough: travel, travel with relatives or at a conference.

Keyword in the success of romantic sex – “bored”. You will re-examine each other and become a valued every touch. The main thing that one of you guessed the partner’s surprise. If you do not believe that a man invents something romantic – for example, at least give, after separation, a bouquet of flowers and wear the same socks, do not sit idly by – action. Otherwise risk being left without a sweet tooth.

But what if no travel, no family visits are not expected, and romance like the here and now?

Start from time to time favorite talk about how you had a good time together on their wedding night, February 14, etc. You should not just blame the man that he is, he says, today is no longer able to surprise a woman. Resentment and closes. Remember that it came with a smile and a spark in his eyes. Inspire partner.

Romantic sex to any date. So it will be easier. Ask a question, as if in deed: “And what we do in a wedding anniversary?” Or casually drop: “Oh, how I would like to receive from you for my birthday a special gift, which we know only two of us.”

And do not forget that for an unforgettable romantic sex just needed a few days of abstinence – the feelings intensified.


Resourceful sex – the lot of partners who know each other well. The main thing in this sex to a man to the top of lovemaking did not experience a wild sexual hunger. Otherwise, your favorite, and will only think about how quickly and get enough sleep.

Make it so that he is bored: arrange it slow and sad five-day sex marathon. After that you hold and wait. If your partner is not deprived of the creative spark in his mind is already brewing a plan. The main thing – support the intentions of the beloved and not to abandon a joint campaign in the home-XXL-cinema or sex shop. If I could, and in a virtual, if shy.
Or you can make yourself a surprise to its strong half. And do not be afraid if something goes wrong. Himself favorite offense will not allow.

Surprise Effect

Meet returning from work in your favorite negligee (or not) – option as ancient as it is effective. Take advantage of the fact that men like eyes.

Just be sure that today is not the final broadcast the World Cup. Hand on heart – you’re not ready to admit that twenty-two guy excite him more than the beloved woman?

No man in the world if he is not paralyzed, unable to stand seeing a woman in a beautiful peignoir. And for God’s sake, forget you’re finally on their extra pounds: I can assure you that when you’re not too dressed up and standing with his back to the man, he looks at is not your cellulite.

Do not hesitate to tell him that you want to make love – and the sooner the better. We love those women who are not afraid and do not hide their sexuality.

Permanent Degrees

But in general it is best to try to maintain a constant relationship degree of eroticism. Achieve this is not easy, but you learn. Importantly – respect and, oddly enough, modesty.

Be near and some distance – that’s what fuels the passion better than all the sex shops and adult movies.


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