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While You Were Sleeping Film Review

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Lucy works giving out tokens for a train company and has no real life, she has no family and lives alone with her cat. She has fallen in love with a stranger who she gives a token to every morning and dreams of the day she will get to speak to him. She has a shock on morning when he speaks to her and she cannot speak back but as he walks onto the platform he gets pushed onto the tracks and Lucy has to save him.

After saving his life Lucy rushes to the hospital where she learn his name is Peter and is mistaken by one of the nurses for his fiancé. When Peter’s family arrive they get introduced to Lucy and are shocked that Peter never told them that he was getting married. The family welcome Lucy and she just cannot bring herself to tell them the truth. Unfortunately for Lucy Peter’s brother Jack arrives and he is dubious as she is not Peter’s type and starts asking lots of questions. Will Lucy be able to fool Jack like the rest of the family and what will happen when Peter finally wakes and realises he does not even know Lucy?

I have seen this film a few times now but never really sat and watched the whole thing, last night as I had the house to myself and was in need of a good old romantic film decided to sit and watch this properly. I am so pleased that I did as the storyline is very good and so too is the acting. The way the story is told makes for a very easy to watch film which does not require a lot of concentration.

The role of Lucy was played by Sandra Bullock and she did a very good job. I was able to warm to her character and loved how we got to know so much about her and her background as this helped us to understand why she could not tell the family the truth about who she was. I loved the naivety about her and how she somehow found herself in situations which she could not control or get out of. She was a good easy to like person and gave all of her lines very well and they were totally believable. She had a good chemistry with the character of Jack and I loved watching them on screen together as t really seemed like a genuine chemistry.

Jack was played by Bill Pullman and he was another easy to like character. He was genuine and a good solid character. He was a lot more likable than his brother Peter and I found the way he acted showed he was strong yet had a much deeper and sensitive side too. The role of Peter was played by Peter Gallagher and I have to say this is the only role which I was not too keen on, he was very up himself and nothing like the other family members and for me I thought he just loved himself too much. We had a lot of good supporting actors who really helped to make the film and give in some variety and depth, some of the actors included, Peter Boyle, Jack Warden, Glynis Johns and Michael Rispoli.

There is a little bit of humour in the film and this comes manly from the character of Jo Junior, he lived in the same building as Lucy and he was very delusional and made for some good fun scenes. There is not much more comedy in the film but it really is not needed. The romantic side of the film was lovely and although the ending is very predictable from the middle of the film onwards it was still very enjoyable to watch.

The film was made in 1995 and this is very apparent from the clothes and props which were used. They were slightly out of date now but this can be over looked and the film can just be enjoyed for the romantic comedy which it is. There are no special effects in the film as there is no action of violence so they are not needed. The soundtrack is a good mixed one which really did fit very well into the film. We did have a few Christmas songs as the film is set around the festive season and I found they fitted well into the film and for some reason the film had a slightly more romantic feel as it was Christmas time.

As this is a film only review there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 103 minutes and I found this to be a great length, the certificate is a PG and I agree with this as it is suitable for children as there is nothing offending in the film at all. The DVD can be bought for just a few pounds if you shop around online and I think it is definitely worth paying for as it is one which can be watched over and over again.

I think this film deserves a good strong 4 stars as the storyline is good and romantic and the acting is also very good. This is definitely a film I recommended to all females who want a good easy and light film to watch when needing some romance.


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