Tuesday, December 12

Management Film Review

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Mike works as the night manager for his parents motel, he is not lucky n love but hopes this will change when a travelling art sales woman turns up. He discovers she is called Sue and he instantly falls for her. Sue is very hostile towards him and when he turns up on her door with a bottle of wine she is not happy.

Mike says that he has bought a complimentary bottle of wine for her and invites himself in to share a glass much to the annoyance of Sue. Sue tries to get him to leave her room and ends up letting him hold her bum on the condition that he leaves. Sue does start to warm to him and as she is checking out she returns to the laundry when they end up having sex.

Mike is totally smitten now and decides to sell his belongings so he can follow her to Baltimore. He arrives at her place of work which totally freaks Sue out and she is shocked at what he has done, Sue convinces Mike to go home but she has started to have feelings for him.

Will Sue realise she does actually care and like Mike and will Mike ever get the girl?

I had quite high hopes for his film as I am a bit of a fan of Jennifer Anniston and thought the information given about this film sounded good but I have to say both me and hubby were completely let down by the film. The story could have been so much better but it made no sense at times and seemed to be thrown together. I also thought the acting was completely rubbish and none of the stars looked comfortable together and they were very wooden.

Jennifer Anniston played the role of Sue and the first thing I noticed about her was her face, she seemed to look as if she had had some work done as her chin and nose looked somewhat different, she looked older than her last film but there was just something about her appearance and face which did not seem right. She was not too bad in her role when acting with other people who were not central to the storyline but when on screen with Mike there was zero chemistry and this made the storyline so unbelievable. She came across as very hard and up herself at times but then we would be given an insight into what she got up to out of work and this seemed so out of character so she was very hard to try and understand and connect with. The role of Mike was played by Steven Zahn and I have to say this is the first thing I have seen him in. Both me and hubby again had difficulty trying to work him out. At one point the came across as a very normal man who was looking for love but when he tried to find it and woo Sue he went very daft and as if he was slightly unhinged in the head. There was no chemistry between him and Sue and he was very wooden when on screen with her. He seemed more at ease when acting with his on screen parents and I just found it hard to understand him.

We had some good supporting actors including, Fred Ward, James Hiroyuki Liao and Woody Harrelson. They gave much better performances and were much easier to understand. My personal favourite out of the whole cast list was the role of Jango who Woody Harrelson played, he was the most normal and genuine despite being a retired rocker who was hard and dangerous. He bough a good fun element to the film which was much needed.

The film was set in the present day in America so no real effort was needed for the costumes or sets, they were all good and realistic and fitted into the film well. There were no real special effects aside from a few small ones which blended well into the film and went quite unnoticed. The music throughout was not at all memorable and thinking back to a few nights ago when I watched this I am not able to remember a single track which was played.

There was a few funny moments in the film and these mainly came from Jango and when Mike was with his friend but I would not say that this film could be classed as a comedy at all.

As this is a film only review there are no bonus features to speak about. The running time of the film is 94 minutes and I am not able to find a rate for it. I would advise that this should be for the teenage or over 12’s market. The DVD can be bought but personally I would not waste money on it at all, it can still be found on the Sky movies channels.

I can only give this film 2 stars as it was very disappointing. I would have given it one star if it had not been for the supporting actors who made this film more bearable to watch. I certainly would recommend you find a better way to spend 94 minutes than watching this.


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