Monday, December 18

How to Think of a New Screen Name

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If you’re stuck on what to name yourself in the virtual word of the internet, you may need to rethink how you’re going about doing it. What you probably hear most is “Try to make something based off your interests” or something along those lines. I’m not going to tell you to do that, but i’ll help you rethink how you go about doing that.

First off, it  really depends on what you’re making the name for: a game, a particular website, a new email, or just an overall name for everything.

The place I find myself at the most when thinking of a new name has got to be a thesaurus. All I do is think of a random word that I like the meaning of, but don’t exactly like the look of the word. For example, typing in something along the lines of “fire” could return you with blaze, flame, ember, or blaze. 

Another thing to do is just sit back and think outside the box. Look around at your surroundings, or even outside a window. You can see a variety of things, and you could find some words off there. For example, you may see a generator out there and that can get you thinking about mechanical things such as gears, which you can go back and type into the thesaurus. 

This was a quick guide on changing your name


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