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Funny People Film Review

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George Simmons is a high profiled comedian who has done well for himself, unfortunately he is ill and has been diagnosed with a blood disorder and has been given less than 1 year to live. He has agreed poundage a new treatment which the doctors are hoping will cure him but are not 100% confident. George has a hard time of coming to terms with it and bums out on stage at a gig that evening.

Whilst at the gig George sees a struggling comedian Ira on stage and takes a liking to him. Ira is struggling to find his feet and define his persona on stage so George takes him under his wing. Ira is hired as Georges writer and assistant and soon they become friends. Ira learns of Georges illness and agrees to keep it to himself. Both Ira and George soon become close and are working hard together with George liking the jokes Ira is writing for him. George is also using his profile to get Ira notice and more gigs and his help and advise seems to be paying off as George s getting roe confident.

With their friendship and careers blossoming can George overcome his life threatening disease and will Ira ever make it to the big time?

The trailers for this film made it look really good and funny and I was very keen on watching as I did like the majority of the cast involved. I was expecting this film to be very funny as the clips I had seen showed some good funny moments but I have to say I was slightly disappointed as it really was lacking in the comedy department. The storyline was good and I found it moving the way the death part was mixed with the humour of the comedy on stage and thought this worked well.

The acting was good from some and my favourite character was that of Ira, played by Seth Rogen. He was a down to Earth guy who was struggling to make it in the comedy business. I found his very easy to get to know and instantly liked him. There seemed to be nothing behind his character and he was very genuine and worked well with the supporting actors and there was a good chemistry between him and the role of George. I found the majority of the comedy came from Ira’s role and he even made George funny at times by the way they bounced off each other. The role of George was played by Adam Sandler and I have to say he was slightly disappointing, he did not seem to know where he wanted to take his character. At times he tried to hard to be funny which made him not funny and at other times he tried too hard to be serious and this just did not work. Both me and hubby struggles with trying to understand him and his emotions. I understand it must be hard trying to portray a person who is facing death but he just could not manage this along with the humour of the film. He was funny in parts but only when working with Ira.

We did have some good supporting characters in the film including, Leslie Mann, Eric Bana and Jonah Hill, they were all good and did manage to bring some depth and funny moments to the film but I have to say I was not able to warm to or like the role of Laura which Leslie Mann played, she did not come across as true and genuine and I found she was trying too hard and seemed to never be at ease on screen.

There are some laugh out loud moments once or twice in the film but these come mainly from Ira and his friends and not from the lead role of George. I did have a few chuckles at George but only when he was bouncing of Ira’s comments. There was a complete lack of comedy for my liking and I was expecting a lot more from this great cast. There are a few depressing and sad moments in the film but just could not take these seriously as they involved Adam Sandler and he just could not remove the daftness from his role to make these believable and moving the way they should have been .

The film was set in the present time and in America so no effort was needed in the props and costume department. I cannot remember any special effects in the film and I don’t think it would have improved the film if any were used. The music was also not at all memorable and I now cannot remember a single track which was used which is slightly disappointing.

The running time of the film is 146 minutes and I did find this was slightly too long, a good 20-30 minutes could have been taken out and nothing would have been lost from the storyline and it may have made it slightly better to watch. The rate is a 15 and I do agree with this as there is quite a lot of swearing in the film. As this is a film only review there are no bonus features to speak about.

The film can be bought on DVD for around the £5 mark now but I personally would not pay to see this, it is currently being shown on Sky movies so if you still want to watch then catch it here for free. I can only give this film 3/5 stars and it gets 3 due to the good supporting actors and the role which Seth Rogen played. There is a lack of comedy and both me and hubby were very disappointed in it.


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