Sunday, December 17

The Bridge Ladies And The Cat Food

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As told to me by my husband:

J.D. Leaned back in his chair a funny expression crossed his face as he told me this amusing story that happened to him when he was a lad of seventeen.

I was living in Montreal with my parents, and I just happened to be there in the early afternoon on a Saturday.

He cleared his throat, “My mother usually had a small gathering of six or seven ladies over for Bridge each week to play cards.

“My mother usually served two platters of Hors D’oeuvres for her guests. She was busy making preparations for one of the plates, when she asked me to make the other one.

“She told me the meat was on a plate in the refrigerator. So I went to the fridge and took out the plate that had meat on it. I placed the meat on the Ritz crackers and served it to the women.

“They told me it was very good.” I sighed in relief, thinking I’m getting the hang of this serving thing. The women played their cards, and talked quietly among themselves, concentrating on their game.

I turned on the television, sat down on the couch to enjoy a TV show and dozed off. Half an hour later my mother called me out to the kitchen and asked me what meat I had used.

I looked at her stern face and wondered what I had done wrong now. I told her the meat on a plate at the bottom of the frig.

My mother looked at me, whispering fiercely, “My goodness, Jerry, that was the cat food.”

I said, “sorry, you told me the meat was in the fridge on a plate” and walked away.

I’ll never forget the look on my mom’s face. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head, and one minute she looked horrified, then the next she was trying not to laugh.

“l guess to this day, some fifty years later those ladies never knew cat food could taste so good.”

I looked at Jerry and shook my head, laughing, I leaned forward and giggled, “make sure when you make me a tuna sandwich, you look carefully at the can to make sure your not giving me cat food, ok.


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