Monday, December 18

Time to Put a Stop to Addiction: Blackberry

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Word on the Street: Crackberry

 The obsession with the Blackberry is actually so bad, that it’s gotten specific name to it : crackberry. The crack as a reference to this is a hard-core drug and which is highly addictive. Whether it warrants this moniker or not holds being argued, but one thing is certain — Blackberry users cannot stay clear of their phones.

At a period when wireless mobile phone carriers were chaotic locking their phones down so that you couldn’t do anything with them save what the particular carrier wanted you to do until RIM came up along and gave power back to the people.

You will find people who go to bed along and can’t manage to switch them off, who are also seen walking along the road composing e-mails. I’ve even been aware of coaching courses which is designed to wean people down their Blackberrys. Just one Hotel, The Sheraton Chicago, possibly has special nights for friends to lock out their phones suddenly. The only means of retrieving them is to come down to reception and have them back again.

Why has this particular gizmo turned dependable adults into youngsters at Christmas, bringing about tears and tantrums on bedtime when it’s time to put the toys away and head to sleep?

Well one answer could be the ‘have it all now’ society. The internet means we can have instant answers in order to almost anything. Whereas decades ago everyone dispatched a memorandum on paper or wrote a new letter, meaning the pace of financial life was not so quick. Delayed gratification was normal.

Not Adults exclusively

 People, not exclusively teenagers, are growing to be techno-junkies. They are afraid to be away from his or her computer or phone for a long time. A new report warns that technological know-how addiction among adolescents is having a disruptive impact on their learning, worsening their spelling and attentiveness, encouraging plagiarism, along with disrupting lessons.

Stopping the habit

 The following showcase quite a few simple tips anyone can easily achieve. With the following pointers the task associated with giving yourself some discipline is going to be given more importance as it not only affects you, but also those you deal with.

– Time your browsing habits. Most likely you actually don’t realize the length of time you’re at it.

– Schedule occasions for e-mails, personal or otherwise.

– Exercise restraint. No internet with regard to 1 full day each week (including e-mails). Then work it approximately towards the full end of the week.

– During work hours – do the job. No surfing, chatting etc. Surfing needs to be work related exclusively.

 – Don’t get your phone turned on whilst behind the wheel.

 -Don’t look at Blackberry throughout meetings, it’s downright disrespectful to everyone in the meeting — power it off, unless of course it’s an all day long meeting in which case you can excuse yourself for 10 minutes to evaluate for anything that is urgent

 – Save building lengthy e-mail responses when you return to the office

 – Don’t live your whole lifetime through technology – get out there and meet up with people face to face


 The Blackberry is actually addicting for the identical reason that most corporations provide them to their executives and senior administrators – it allows them to keep in touch with the office. The manager as well as executive doesn’t necessarily need to carry their laptop around everywhere, what you can do with your laptop that you can also do on your Blackberry as well(with some limitations, of course).

Last but not least, having the discipline to regulate one’s self(when addressing the Blackberry) will surely gain you the respect not only of your own colleagues and family, but also yourself. This is so because you can prove to yourself that you are have can be control right from the very start.


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