Friday, December 15

Three Reasons Why You Should Document Imaging Scanners

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Are you having trouble choosing which scanning system you are going to use with your office operations? Worried that less cost might result in diminished speed, quality and reliability of the output of the models of scanners you may be planning to buy? Look no further as this article is your answer as to why you should get Document Imaging Scanners instead of lower cost, yet lower speed, quality and reliability document imaging systems. After reading this article you should have a good idea on what benefits Document Imaging Scanners have over other document imaging systems.

Before anything else, Document Imaging Scanners do cost a lot compared to other document imaging systems. The reason is because these systems are dedicated to provide higher speed, quality and reliability compared to other systems. Without considering the cost here are the main benefits you will get if you choose Document Imaging Scanners for your office operations:

  • Speed: Flatbed Scanners miserably fail in this category. The process of taking a document and scanning them one side at a time is very time consuming. The same can be said of all-in-one units. Document Imaging scanners however, provide the fastest output as most of these have a built-in feed mechanism where documents are simply fed into the scanner and the machine takes care of scanning them automatically. Another feature of Document Imaging scanners is the duplex scanning, which allows you to scan both pages of a document. One particular model with such feature is the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 Instant PDF Sheet-Fed Scanner for PC.

  • Quality: Flatbed scanners, although being suitable for more budget conscious businesses do provide high resolutions. But their meticulous mode of operation like ensuring the document to be scanned is flat and that the lid should be completely flat does consume precious amounts of time and productivity not suited for larger operations. All-in-one systems, on the other hand, provide lesser optical resolutions as a compromise for convenience and portability. Both classes of devices also do not have any reliable OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Software. Document Imaging Scanners, on the other hand, have built-in OCR and its mode of operation for scanning like auto-rotate and straighten definitely is a winner.

  • Reliability: Compared to Flatbed scanners and All-in-One systems, Document Imaging Scanner provides the best cost-reliability ratio when it comes to volume operations. Its speed and quality provide the most amount of savings in terms of minutes spent scanning and energy consumption. Also, systems like these are already provided with higher after market support priority compared to flat bed scanners and all-in-ones. The use of such system will definitely pay for itself in the number of documents it can scan in record time with the speed and quality that it truly deserves.

The speed, quality and reliability that Document Imaging Scanners provide for transferring hardcopy into softcopy form definitely outweighs the other two contenders, the flatbed scanner and the All-in-One system. Apparently, with the amount of information that is being transferred into electronic media increasing steadily, the days of file cabinets and other paper media are long gone. To cope with such demand, the Document Imaging Scanner provides the answers that you need.


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