Thursday, December 14

Women’s Corner: General Causes And Treatment Of Low Libido

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Apart from the stress women have to deal with on a daily basis, working for at least eight hours a day, providing food for the entire family, taking care of the kids and making the house shine, other problems often arise: total lack of excitement and non-existing libido are just some of the issues many women face. There isn’t a generally accepted cause that enables all these problems.

The sad reality is that some women have the tendency to be stressed all the time, as a sign of not being able to cope with their tiring life. Thus, while some women might suffer from a type of psychological issue such as depression or anxiety, others might have a physical condition that stops them from living a sexually normal life. Of course it wouldn’t be odd at all for a woman to suffer from both physical and psychological ailments, and thus their libido problems to be even more serious. In other words, these sexual issues can be divided into two categories: physical and psychological.

The frustration felt by a woman with a very low sex drive is boosted especially when she has a steady partner. A lot of questions arise, their partners become suspicious and angry when they are turned down, especially if they are involved in a relationship characterized by an utter lack of communication. The first thing women who are struggling with vaginal dryness, low libido or difficulties in reaching an orgasm need to do is talk to their partners and tell them they have a problem. Leaving things the way they are cannot possibly lead to anything healthy.

Secondly, they should consult with a therapist, do some physical exams and learn if they suffer from any hormonal changes that might affect their sexual life. Pregnancies, depression or other conditions that require strong medication are an important cause of these problems. Plus, they need to make sure their brain is stress-relieved.

Making more time for themselves and their sexual needs is one of the most important remedy a woman should base her healing process on. If all these won’t work, there are a lot of women enhancers that promise to boost women’s sex drive, and the Internet is a great place to find them. Women just need to find the time and will to take matters into their own hands and really try to heal their conditions and make the first steps towards living a normal life again.


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