Sunday, December 17

How Important Is Ink?

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I am sure none of you have thought about it when you see your books or newspapers but if there was no ink you would have seen nothing but blank paper sheets. Ink is generally taken for granted but it is worth a lot and this is also evident at times.

The original ink which we know for ‘printing’ was made up of simple substances or natural elements such as nut shell oil and squid secretion which was a useful dye which was funneled into the ‘nib’ or tips of old pens much before the evolution of felt and ball-point pens which revolutionized writing. Nowadays, ink is made with chemical additives to ensure that they don’t smear or fades with the enhanced printing technology. You must have seen the mammoth numbers of glossy advertising fliers in your mailbox, which shows that ink is poured onto stacks of paper daily to come up with bright and eye-catching colors. All this has also led to the increase in the cost of ink.

The issue of affordable ink is increasing especially with the increase in the use of household printers. Most homes have a printer, and everyone complains of spending a lot of cash for the refill on these incredible machines for printing. This excellent new invention is of no use without ink.

There are a number of options for people who have dormant printers as they can purchase new refills, which can be very expensive at times or they can just go and purchase a new printer. You may not believe but there are cases when you can get new printers at a price which is less than of an ink refill cartridge. Of course this is due to the intricacies of marketing, but it also showcases the value and importance of ink is in printing.

There are a few companies who give another choice where you can refill the old ink cartridge at a cheaper rate. Ink is bought in bulk quantity by dealers and they help you out efficiently. With the growing consumer demand one has to come up with such solutions. Cartridges have an in-built sensor which can show that the cartridge is getting empty before the ink has run out.

Soy ink is a new development which is also a natural alternative to inks which are petroleum based and assists in recycling of the printed paper. These can make ink more flexible and also decrease the cost of ink. In present times you must consider your options carefully when you have to decide on this liquid in a cartridge, vial or bottle as ink has become a very precious commodity.


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