Friday, December 15

Gone With The Wind

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In my opinion, there is no greater film than the legendary Gone with the Wind.  From the moment I first saw it as a child to today, many years later, I stand by that feeling that I’ll never see anything better made.  The entire production was top drawer.  I may have other movies I love more or appreciate for other reasons, but when it comes to complete grandeur, this movie is it.

I was captivated by the cinematography from the beginning.  The scenes are classic, like Scarlet standing on her barren homeland of Tara, starving but determined to never go hungry again or the much lighter introduction where we see the majesty of Tara before the party.  It’s just awesome.

The character of Scarlet O’Hara delights and frustrates.  She’s so spoiled and so focused on Ashley Wilkes that she drives me nuts, but she does come around.  That is, of course, the tragedy of the film.  She and her true love, Rhett Butler, always seem to be at different places.  One is ready to admit their honored love, but the other isn’t, and on it goes in epic proportions.

The acting cannot be beat.  Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, Olivia de Haviland, Thomas Mitchell, Hattie McDaniel, Butterfly McQueen, and the entire cast are superb.  There’s not a sour note in the bunch.

The musical score is sweeping.  I just love to listen to the soundtrack as well.

The only part I don’t like is the mention, and thankfully it’s just a mention, of what happens to Bonnie Blue’s horse when she is hurt.

I have seen Gone with the Wind more times than I can count.  Not a single moment of those many hours have been wasted.  This is not just ‘a’ winner, it is ‘the’ winner.


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