Monday, December 11

Fast Your Way to Good Health

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There are many benefits of fasting.

  • It stimulates the digestive system

Digestion is something we take for granted. We swallow things and then forget about it. Digestion is a complicated process involving several digestive juices and digestive enzymes. Several hormones are also involved. The entire process of digestion takes place without any direct contribution from us and is under the control of the autonomic nervous system. The process also involves finely tuned regulatory mechanisms. Just like you get tired if you go on working, fasting once in a while will help to keep the entire digestive process in proper working condition. The waste products which have built up in your body are completely eliminated.

  • It is an important tool for increasing your appetite

Most of our problems with health arise because we tend to eat regardless of the need for it. For good health, ideally one should eat only after we are feeling hungry. Hunger indicates that whatever you have eaten has been digested completely and the body is ready for the next meal. Moreover, all of us know that the food tastes better when we are hungry. Therefore, to enjoy food, it is necessary to fast occasionally.

  • It helps to maintain or reduce your body weight

Obesity is a universal epidemic. We go on eating even when we are not having the appetite for it and even when we are not feeling hungry. The hunger is the signal that the body needs fuel molecules. When we are not hungry, the body has sufficient stock of fuel molecules, and under these conditions if we eat, we are sending unwanted calories into our body. These extra calories will transform into gain in the body weight. Therefore we should eat only when we feel hungry and occasional fasting will restore the feeling of hunger which most of us have forgotten.

  • It helps to ward off sleepiness and increase your alertness

Have you noticed what happens after a heavy meal? You feel drowsy. Studies have indicated that fasting can keep you alert and thus prevents sleep. Thus, whenever you want to keep awake, it is better to skip a meal. It is even better to go on fast.


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