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Send me no Flowers Film Review

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George and Judy are happily married and have a nice pleasant life, unfortunately George is a hypochondriac and always thinks he has something wrong with him. He spends his days working and taking pills which he thinks are helping him. He is suffering from a pain in his chest so books to go and see his doctor. Whilst at the doctors he learns that he just has indigestion and is given some pills to take for it. Whilst George is out in the bathroom taking one of the pills he overhears the Doctor on the telephone talking about another patient who is dying and only has a few weeks to live. George thinks the doctor is talking about him and leaves with a heavy heart and head.

George talks to his neighbour and best friend Arnold and tells his about what the Doctor said. Tony does not take it well and turns to drink, he and George discuss his death and make plans for after he is gone. When George has his affairs in order he then thinks about Judy and how she will cope on her own. George makes the decision that he will find someone for Judy to re-marry and spend the rest of her life with. Arnold is on hand to help George but all does not go to plan.

Will George be able to find a suitable man for Judy, will Arnold every quit drinking and when will George discover he is not really dying?

There was no particular reason behind me buying this DVD as I have to be truthful and say I have only ever seen one Doris Day film and so that is not what appealed to me in this film, the deciding factor was that my local shop was selling it off for just £2 so though tit may be worth a watch for that price. I have to say when I took it home to hubby he was shocked that I did not even know who Rock Hudson was and said I need educating! We sat and watched the film and I really did enjoy it, more so as it was so innocent and there was no swearing or sex involved and the cast really worked together well and made for some good and at times funny viewing.

The storyline was good and slightly daft but this is what made it so interesting to watch, the way the story was so basic was good as it made it seem more believable and innocent. The acting was super and Doris Day took the role of Judy and I thought she gave a splendid performance of the long suffering wife of hypochondriac George. There was an wonderful chemistry between her and George and I believe in her character right form the start of the film. The role of George was played by rock Hudson and I too think he was excellent, he gave the right mix of serious and fun n his role ad made him easy to warm to and feel sorry for. He was daft when sitting taking all his pills but I enjoyed seeing him, mellow and stop obsessing as the film went on. The other main role in the film was Arnold, he was played by Tony Randall. He bought a lot of humour into the film and even with the humour he managed to keep the serious side of the death at the front of the film. He was excellent portraying a drunken man and I really giggled at him at times. All three actors had a wonderful chemistry together and made for some easy viewing.

The film is an old one and was made in 1964, this is very apparent right from the start of the film, the sets and costumes were all fitting for the year and looked great. I loved how the American couple were portrayed with their pleasant house and good job and cosy neighbourhood, this is typical of a film from that year and I think it legwork very well. The film did look dated but I saw past this and just enjoyed it for the harmless but of fun it was. There were some special effects which were mainly used for the car scenes and have to say the backdrops were awful and clearly noticeable but as the film is so old I am not going to complain about them. The music was very fitting for the film and upbeat and in keeping with the storyline. The title track was actually sung by Doris Day and her voice was lovely on it.

There are some good laughs in this film. I would not class it as a full comedy but some of things which went on were funny and both me and hubby had a good giggle at them.

The DVD which I have is part of the Doris Day collection so you would expect to find some bonus features on t but there is only the original theatrical trailer to be found. The running time of the film is 1hour and 36 minutes and I found this to be a suitable length. The certificate is a Universal and do agree with this. As I previously said I only paid £2 for my DVD which I felt to be a bargain.

Despite the bad effects and back drops I am still going to give this film a good solid 4 stars, it has no action, violence and is not futuristic, it is just a good entertaining innocent film which the whole family can share and enjoy together. Well worth the £2 price tag.


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