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Observe And Report Film Review

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Ronnie Barnhardt works as the top security guard n a big shopping mall and he likes his job but fells he could be doing more. He gets called upon when a flasher strikes at the mall and upsets the shoppers. One distraught worker is Brandi, who Ronnie really likes and thinks he has a chance with, he helps when she gets flashed at and vows to find the flasher and take him down.

Ronnie has to work hard with his team of security officers but they are finding their job hard since the police have been called in and Ronnie has taken an instant dislike to the police officer in charge. He seeks advise from Nell who works in the coffee shop and she advises him to pursue his dreams, this leads Ronnie to apply to be a police officer.

Will Ronnie make it as a police officer and win over Brand and can he bring the flasher down?

Do not think that this film is basic as I have only given the briefest of plot outlines for this film as I don’t wish to spoil it for those who may not have seen it yet as it really is a good move with a fun storyline. I did find he storyline interesting and quite funny, there were unfortunately no twists in the story and it was quite predictable but it was still entertaining and a joy to watch. The acting was also very good for nearly all involved which helped.

The lead role of Ronnie was played by Seth Rogen and I thought he did a great job, his character was good and I did fell like I got to know a good amount about him and so was able to warm to him and like him a lot. I could understand why he felt frustrated in is work and his dreams of being a police officer. He came across as genuine but a little dumb at times when it came to women and this made him even more likable and at times made me feel sorry for him. I found there to be a good chemistry between him and the role of Nell, played by Collette Wolfe. She too was a good character but I think I would have liked to have seen slightly more of her and got to know more about her background to understand her a little better.

We did have a good amount of supporting actors and some included, Ray Liotta, Anna Faris, John Yuan and Matt Yuan. They were all very good and bought a lot of humour to the film. One of the roles which I did not like was that of Brandi, played by Anna Faris, I just felt she was too stuck up and used people and I thought she was too over the top for the film. The other characters were good and did bring some much needed depth to the film.

The majority of the film was set inside the shopping mall and it all looked good and authentic. The sets and props were all well made and produced and so to were the costumes. They all blended in with the film very well. There were a few special effects in the film and these were also very good and believable, at times we did get an action scene which was slightly over the top but this just added to the humour of the scene in which it was used.

This film is a comedy and we did have a few good laugh out loud moments, these mainly came from Ronnie and when he was with his fellow security officers, there was a good chemistry between them all and they bounced off each other extremely well. There were a few times when things went slightly too daft and this did put me off slightly. Some of the character seemed to think daft is what was meant by comedy and this did not go down well with either me or hubby. I think the slight serious nature of the film, the scenes with Ronnie and his Mom worked well in this film as it made it more realistic with the serious element and I felt this was handled well.

The music was good and modern and I felt it worked well in the film and helped with the telling of the story and the comedy elements.

The DVD which I have does have a gag reel included but this is the only extra feature. It is quite funny but I would not go out of my way to pay extra just to watch this. The running time of the film is only 83 minutes and found this was a suitable length with the story moving at a good pace from start to finish. The rate is a 15 as there are some scenes of violence, drugs and nudity and I have to agree with this. I paid just £3 for the DVD and felt this was a fair price.

I would love to be able to give this film more than 3 stars as it has a good storyline and some very good acting, Seth Rogen was excellent and I loved his character. It is very funny at times but for me there was slightly too much daftness and it reminded me a lot of Paul Blart Mall Cop. It is very much worth a watch if you can get it for a great price or manage to catch it on the TV.


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