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Tesco Meadow Fresh Fabric Conditioner Revew

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or some reason I always enjoy trying out new fabric conditioners and the latest one I found was on a recent shopping trip to Tesco. It was the name which appealed to me as I do like the smell of cut grass and meadows so I decided to give it a try.~~PACKAGING~~

The fabric conditioner come in a clear plastic bottle which shows the green coloured liquid inside. Around the centre of the bottle is a plastic label which on the front and back has the product name, Tesco logo and a picture of a white flower. The sides of the label have all of the product information, directions for use and storage. The top of the bottle has a green plastic lid which doubles as the measuring cap.


It is very simple to use the fabric conditioner and to do so you pour the required amount into the measuring cap and then pour this into the correct compartment in your washing machine. The suggested amounts are:-

1 full cap for large loads or extra freshness
¾ cap for normal loads
And 1/4cap for hand washing

The liquid is easy to pour as it is quite runny and I find the cap makes it easy to get the liquid in the small compartment on my washing machine as it is quite narrow.

When opening the bottle there is a nice pleasant smell which reminds me of grass and flowers, I would have liked more of the smell to have been of freshly cut grass as do love this smell and it would have been more suitable for the product name. Putting this aside I did like the smell and found t was not too overpowering. When I had poured the required amount into the machine, and the load had got well underway I was able to start to smell the scent again. I noticed it became more noticeable as the wash went on and found this to be very nice and somehow comforting on a wet and rainy day. Once the wash had finished and I took the wet clothes out of the machine I could smell the fragrance all over them and it was much stronger than when I had imagined.

The fragrance was still noticeable when the clothes had been dried in the tumble dryer and I was very happy with the end result as it was not overly strong but just enough to make it noticeable, the clothes were also very soft and so too were my large bath towels. when the washing had been put away and I returned to the wardrobe I was able to still faintly smell the fragrance and this was the case for about 3 days after it had been used.

I have used nearly all of my bottle now and am very happy with the results that I get each time. The scent is not too feminine so hubby does not mind his uniform being washed in this and it makes all of my boys clothes feel softer and fresher.


The bottle which I have is a 1.5 litre sized one and this claims to do 42 washes. I am coming near the end of my bottle and have actually had over this amount of washes so am very pleased with the pack size.

There are some warnings on the bottle which include the usually ones of storing in a cool place, keeping out of reach of children, wash hands after use and avoid contact with eyes, these are really all common sense things.

The ingredients which are used for this softener include:-

5-15% Cationic Surfacant
Perfumes, Benzyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Linalool, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Coumarin, Formaldehyde and 2-Bromo-2Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol

You can find a more detailed list of ingredients at

The bottle is made from 100% plastic so can be fully recycled. Tesco state that this product has not been tested on animals in any way.


As this is a Tesco own brand then it is only available in their stores. The 1.5 litre bottle comes at just under £2 and there is a smaller bottle available for around the £1 mark. I think this is excellent value as you do get the stated amount of washes from the bottle and sometimes more.


I do recommend this fabric conditioner as the smell is great and suits both male and female users. The softness is excellent and so to is the lasting fragrance. I would suggest that if you are unsure then to go for the smaller bottle but overall it works out better vale to buy the bigger bottle. Definitely a good 5 stars from me despite the fragrance not being as I would have hoped.



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