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Holiday Weddings

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Are you considering doing your wedding over a holiday such as Thanksgiving, 4thof July, New Years Eve or Labor Day? Do not rule out these occasions as the time is typically already reserved for friends and family. If you plan it and get the word out in plenty of time that your plan is to have your wedding on a holiday, then people can plan that holiday around your special day!

Reception sites may be willing to do more for you since the wedding is over a holiday. If the venue usually sets empty on a day that you are considering due to the holiday, they may be willing to give you what you want and more! Inquire about the possibility of doing a theme and how the venue may be able to help you create magic on your big day!

Be careful though of venues that may want to charge you additional fees for doing your event on a holiday. Keep in mind that they may need to pay higher wages that day or work harder to get certain items in as schedules for shipping will have changed due to the timing of the event. These items could include linen, food, or any other rental items that are not on-site at the facility.

Some holidays are consistent to a specific day of the week, such as Thanksgiving. Since most people have Thanksgiving Day off and shop on Friday, that Saturday would be a great day to have your wedding. Many people avoid this day because they are spending it with family; however, don’t you spend your wedding day with family as well? Do not be so quick to rule it out.

Other holidays are not consistent, such as the 4thof July. It could fall on any day of the week, but there is a great benefit to that day. Fireworks! Who would refuse fireworks on their wedding day? Maybe you could plan a wedding at a venue that has a great view of local fireworks.

If you are not planning on having your wedding in conjunction with a holiday, be sure to get your calendars out to assure you are not conflicting with anything else that may be going on with your family or even with the town that you are booking the wedding in. If there is a large event going on in town such as a festival, you may want to consider moving your date to a less congested timeframe.


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