Thursday, December 14

How to Make The Most of Your Honeymoon

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* Choose an all-inclusive vacation. On your honeymoon, you don’t want to think about money, spending, or cash flow. You’ve already shelled out thousands of dollars – now’s your chance to eat and drink whatever you want without thinking about the investment.

* Work with a resort or travel agent that schedules everything for you. For example, Sandals resorts help you book your flight and provide transportation to and from the airport and resort. You don’t want to have to worry about your traveling plans. Let someone else take care of this for you.

* Book services and excursions ahead of time. While you can schedule these things while on your honeymoon, it is nice to have everything completely booked and planned upon your arrival.

* Choose appropriate timing for your services and excursions. For example, do not book anything on your arrival or departure dates – those are too risky as far as timing goes. Try to leave yourself at least one day for relaxation on the honeymoon, and give yourself a day between major excursions. For example, you may want to relax on day one, do an exciting excursion on day two, go to the spa on day three, maybe for a couple’s massage), have an excursion on day four, and relax on day five.

* Participate in activities. You’ll have fun, meet people and experience new things. Plus, some resorts and vacation spots have activities in which you can win prizes. So, by having fun, you can win more fun, like free excursions, gifts or spa services.

* Eat and drink. Your wedding is over. The dress and tux no longer have to fit. Enjoy this chance in your life to overindulge. You’ll have to start dieting when you come back, but the diet is totally worth the sacrifice. Plus, when else can you eat and drink in excess without worrying about the cost?

* Pack the right amount of clothes and accessories. You’ll need sneakers, sandals and water shoes. Bring a fancy outfit, a casual outfit and plenty of beach outfits. Leave enough room in your suitcase so you can fit souvenirs, but pack it pretty tight because you’ll go through lots of clothing on your trip. If you go anywhere tropical, your clothes are bound to get soaked, so you might not be able to wear certain clothing items twice on one trip.

* Arrange your transportation to and from the airport ahead of time. You won’t want to get caught up waiting for a last minute cab or seeing if a friend or family member can pick you up.

* Remember to bring any necessary birth control products. You don’t want a forgetful mishap like this to ruin your marital fun.

* Relax. Don’t worry, don’t think about the real world, and if you can, stay off of the internet. The honeymoon is a special time between a husband and wife. You don’t need to check your email or talk to friends. Break away from reality and spend time relaxing.


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