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Give Your Contents High Ranking in Search Engine

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 I understand how it is prefer to write articles and then have them buried underneath a plethora of search results. It is a total waste of time and it is so irritating!

That’s why you need a strategy to get a content piece ranked highly about the search engines like google. Imagine you might get every post that you write to the top ten of Google? Do you consider that might increase your traffic a little?! Heck yeah!
So here are steps which i do to make sure I recieve my content pieces ranked each time I produce. This really is powerful; a great idea is the pen and paper at the ready!

Market and keyword research

I’m not trying to educate you on to follow me blindly here, but you gotta do your market and keyword research! Which means using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find phrases that will get a lot more than enough searches per month but have under 10,000 competing sites when entered into Google in quotes.
Why is this important? There is nothing worse than spending the time to write articles that nobody is searching for or that you simply can’t get ranked!
Be sure to produce your key phrase recorded on a little bit of paper. Now onto the truly fun part of advertising…

Back link like a crazy person!

Again, this is really simple – but everyone tend to confuse matters!
Everything you should do is build a number of back links to your articles from the number of resources. This can push your article up the rankings nicely.
And don’t forget, building backlinks from a variety of different sources is the greatest way of ensuring your articles stick.

Optimise Your Post

This is simple – you just need to optimise your article for the key phrase that you found. How can you do that? Simply make sure the key phrase is in the title, the very first section and scattered through the article a couple of times.
That always does the trick. It’s really important because Search engines will appear at what keywords take presctiption the page to try and figure out what the article is about.
These three steps can give your content pieces ten times more traffic and take your article promotion to new heights.

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