Monday, December 18

Inside MY Mind

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Time teaches us so much about itself, doubt it as much as you like it.

Its always true, we are being told not to do certain things yet we oppose the advisors. Young and foolish, yet we claim we know better. The world has so many advisors, with so many thoughts against or with us. We meet people who tend to destroy us young and we know we cant go back and do life right, but to learn to accept and to live with it or beter yet “make peace with it and move on.”

 Friday, October 03, 2008

Today i came across so much hate, hate the fellow so called brother has on another individual. Instead of you have so much greed and envy why cant you get up from your lazy bum and do something for yourself. Have less pride and ask assistance. The one offering hand, do it with a clear head and spirit. You’ll never live forever, the world aint yours to keep. You ought to make it better for yourself and your nearest. Everyone tries to make the best to survive. When last did you kneel down and pray without greed. Many find ways to hide or find comfort in the worlds greed. ‘” Who is this wold we keep blaming ?” Its the human race…. so clear and simple.


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