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Daybreakers Film Review

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In the not to distant future, 2019 the world has been taken over by vampires. There are a few remaining humans which are having to live in hiding as if they are caught they are used for harvest and farming to create new blood for the vampires to feed on. There s a crisis in the world though as the blood is running put and without the human blood the vampires change into grotesque monsters.

Edward is a vampire who is working hard to make a blood substitute but he is having problems or his won and he is relieved when he finally meets with humans who he decides to help and work with.

With the world in crisis can the vampires find a blood substitute before they all change into monsters and can Edward work with the humans to improve their way or life ad the cure they believe they have found?

This is not a film I would have chosen myself as vampires do scare the living daylights out of me, I have only just got brave enough to watch the Twilight films! But hubby really wanted to watch it so I gave in and sat and watched with him. I was actually quite surprised by the film as it did have a story which was quite good and it was not overly scary. The story was interesting and showed the vampires being the majority and the humans being the minority which is not always the case in Vampire movies. I found the way they handled the story and put it across was well thought out was very good. It did actually remind me a lot of the movie ‘I am Legend’ with the way we did not get to see lots of blood sucking or violent and brutal vampires and we only got glimpses of the grotesque monsters.

The acting was good and the lead role of Edward was played by Ethan Hawke. He showed a good strength in his role and I enjoyed seeing how he was prepared to go against his own race to help the humans and I thought he did manage to show some good emotions and did make me warm to him a lot. His appearance was good and I loved the mean and moody way he was at the start of the film. He was not a very deep character and I was always left with the thought that he was hiding something from his past. He worked well with the role of Audrey who was human and they showed a good connection on screen together. Audrey was another strong character and I enjoyed seeing how she defended herself against the vampires and how strong she had become since the vampires took over. She showed a lot of trust in Edward and it was a joy to watch them acting together.

We had some other very good role including, Lionel Cormac, played by Willem Dafoe, Charles Bromely, played by Sam Neill and Frankie Dalton played by Michael Dorman. They were a good mix of characters with some vampires and some humans and they each bought something different to the film and story.

The film is classed as a horror but fortunately it was not as bad as I was expecting. We did get to see blood sucking and people being ripped apart but it was done in such a way that was not scared by it. The few scenes where we saw the grotesque monsters, what the vampires turned into when they were deprived of human blood were only short flashes so I was able to cope with this. There were a few times when I did jump as something would shoot past the characters on screen but this only happened about 3 times during the film. The special effects which were used for the appearance of the vampires were amazing and very well produced. They all looked very real and still had human features and movements. They showed expressions and sorrow in their faces and this did actually make me feel sorry for them at times. We had a lot of special effects throughout the film other than for the creatures. The cars and the fighting scenes were full of effects and CGI and I thought they were also very well made. I was not at any point able to pin point anything which looked out of place or wrong.

I was surprised how light this film actually was. With the story being about vampires I was expecting it all to be set during the night and to be very dark but fortunately this was not the case and we had a good portion of the film set in daylight. Even when we were watching the night scenes we were easily able to see what was gong on as it was not too dark, as is the case with other movies when we struggle to see what is happening.

The music was good and fitted very well into the film. It was not amazing or spectacular but it did work well and help add to the tension and drama of the film. I was noticeable when something was about to happen or scare me as the music would change to the long orchestral string feel as it so often does in horror movies.

The DVD which we have does have a few special features which include, audio commentary by the Spierig brother and Steve Boyle and the Making of Daybreakers. I am not a fan of bonus features so I have not watched these so ma not able to make comment on them. We bought the DVD for just £6 from Tesco and I feel this is a very good price. The running time of the film is 94 minutes and I found this to be a good length with the story moving at a good fast pace throughout. The rate is an 18 and for me this is a little high and I think maybe a 15 would have been more suitable.

I am shocked with myself for giving this film a good solid 4 stars as I am not a vampire fan but I did find it entertaining and the acting was excellent and the story was actually believable and interesting. I would say that the fans of the film I am Legend will enjoy this film a lot. Well worth the £6 price tag.




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