Thursday, December 14

The Future of Nursing – The Professional Nursing Agency

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In the current harsh economic environment there are few industries that are surviving, and even fewer that are thriving.  One industry that is not merely surviving, but thriving and actually growing is the Healthcare Industry.  With an aging population that is making fewer healthy food choices and dealing with more stress, healthcare needs are on the rise requiring the expertise and caring of those who have chosen a career in the medical arts.  This increased need for healthcare workers is no more apparent than in the field of nursing.  Over the coming years, all indicators predict that the need for qualified nurses will outpace the ability to train individuals who choose this field of study.

With this increased demand for trained individuals, there will be an increased demand for companies that provide the services of nurses.  For any investor, this demand represents a great opportunity, for with enough capital, a wise investor can start their own nursing agency.  But more importantly, an even wiser investor could put their money into a nursing agency that already exists and has a reputation for quality service.  This latter path to owning a nursing agency however, requires far less work and provides a much more stable base upon which to build a company.

As with all franchises, a nursing franchise is built from an existing BRAND that has proven its sustainability and created the template for a successful operation.  The nursing franchise that we looked at for this article is called The Professional Nursing Agency.  This company has been providing expert nursing staff in the Canberra Region since 1984 and was recently bought out by RJ Hardie Industries Pty Ltd. with the intention of sharing their brand of healthcare wherever the need arises.

The Professional Nursing Agency requires that every one of its staff maintain their skills in several key fields such as Basic Life Support, Senior First Aid and others.  It is this commitment to quality healthcare that gives PNA its appeal to prospective investors.  And it is this commitment that insures the success of any franchise that carries The Professional Nursing Agency name.

For those who are interested in investing in the healthcare industry, there is no better way to do so in a manner that allows one to see the benefits of their efforts first-hand like a Professional Nursing Agency franchise.  This franchise provides the template for success and eliminates the need to figure out what works and more importantly, what doesn’t.  It also gives an investor more support than would be available when building a business from the ground up.  This support not only comes in the form of knowledge and experience gained, but also monetarily, because franchises save on the cost supplies.  The buying power potential that franchising represents make these savings possible.

There are too many facets of franchising to go into them all here, but suffice it to say that they all work to the benefits of both the investor and the original owner of the business.  Why not look into a franchise such as The Professional Nursing Agency?  It could lead to a better life.


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