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How to Speed up Your Computer or Laptop And Reduce Boot Time

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One of the most annoying things about your general PC, whether Windows, Linux or Mac, is the boot time.  Things have become a little easier, but even so I still find myself irritated while my pc loads up. Fortunately there are a few ways to speed up the boot time of your PC, especially if you are using a Vista Machine, you can speed up vista boot time with easy simply by spending rupees  400 on a usb flash drive!

So lets get down to basics, how can you speed up your PC?

First things first, the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to speed up a computer is by formatting and re-installing the OS, this does however bring in a few probelms, especially if you have hundreds of programs installed (Like me).

The second, more advisable way is to start uninstalling programs you do not use.  Many of these will have background processes, some which start on boot and then close back down, others will constantly run. Either way they all will slow down your computers boot time by a small but significant amount.

You can uninstall programs from the control panel, however this often leaves things on your computer which can still slow it down, for this reason I suggest using something like Perfect Uninstaller

Once you have uninstalled the useless unused programs off your PC the next step in speeding up your computers boot time is to clean up the registry. Registry cleaning is often considered insignificant, however a single registry clean up can cut your computers boot time in half! Registry cleaning is as simple as a single click with products like Registry Easy!

Once you have removed all these excess programs then your next step is to keep your computer clean, An Antivirus such as McAfee and some anti-spyware tools such as Adaware are pretty much essential here!

Once you have the basics out of the way you can look at more interior ways to speed up boot time on your computer. These small tweaks can massively increase your computers Boot time

Change your Bios to speed up boot time on your PC, make your Hard drive the primary boot device (Ususally CD drive as default) and reduce the time the boot program pauses to let you press the safe mood and system set up keys.

Remove the boot up splash screen to speed up Windows boot time, this can be done in MSCONFIG by checking the /noguiboot option.

If you are using windows vista you can massively speed up vista boot time by using the fantastic ReadyBoost system. This actualy turns a USB flash drive in to extra memory for your computer, and gives a huge boost to your computers boot speed in Vista!

And there you have it, some cheap easy ways to speed up computer boot time.


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