Monday, December 18

Rightful Keeper Of Family Income. Part 1

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We are composed of various family background, tradition, culture depends on country belongs, religious and society. Husband and wife have own particular purpose in the family, own function and action. But in terms of money, income who is the true keeper the wife or the husband? What do you think? Because for me wife is the one shall keep, budgeting and others.

Here are some ideas about this issue…

1. I don’t really think so. There are also men who are gifted in allotting budgets. There are some couples who split the budgeting. For example, if one partner is mindful of the bills, he/she should be selected to budget for that area. Whoever does best at budgeting for groceries, haggles prices the best at the flea market should be assigned to do just that. It can be tiring if the budgeting alone is done by only one person. It is good if both partners are aware of all the bills so that there will be no argument when it comes to money.

2. It depends on the relationship. In some cases women spend a lot and cannot help themselves so in this case the man should keep the money but at other times the man spends a lot. It all depends on the people. Once again I think there can be no one answer that fits all. We are all unique, despite our culture etc. Often the wife will be best, but sometimes it will be the husband. Personally I prefer a joint venture where there is agreement between both.

3. Basically, my salary is mine, his salary is for him….as we both deserves what we worked. But if we were talking about the family income, then that should mean the combination of my husband’s income and mine. So we ought to keep it, arrange, and budget it together, this is what we call TEAMWORK. If companies and jobs etc need teamwork, so marriage does. Through this method, it is possible to avoid an argument about money, money, money, money.. who kept it? who budgeted it? who spent it?..whatsoever..

We like tolerance, co-operation, understanding, and team work when it comes about running a marriage life…and the most important is sharing a task

4. But nowadays, jobs are not permanent. Wives also have to go to work because if the husband get resigned or dismissed from the office, at that time his wife’s salary will use to run the family. If he has a permanent job, she won’t have to go. I have a cousin sister. She is earning more than her husband. Her husband has 2 brothers. They all get married. But they all are earning very little than my sister’s earning. They run their big family with my sister’s salary only.

In the present time, both husband and wife should work together or else they can’t send their kids to school. Nowadays, it’s really difficult to make both end meets so both parents should work very hard. Everything is expensive, food, clothing, fuel, electricity, name it, all of them is expensive!

We sometimes envy if the husband worked and he can still give his a family a good future, but that is not he case now, every one, including students, should work just to have a brighter future.

5. The responsibility of a husband is to make a living to provide for the family. And the responsibility of the wife is to manage for what the husband has provided to her and the family. Thus, the money should be with the wife for her to be able to manage it appropriately.

How about if the situation is both wife and husband having work – who is the rightful keeper?


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