Sunday, December 17

Start Playing Cricket at The Age of 10

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Although Pakistani nation is having trouble in every aspect of life and trying coup up with every set back it receives from the world but their passion is cricket. On any given holiday streets of Pakistan would be filled with people aging eight to forty five playing cricket in small space their locality will offer them. This is not a recent phenomenon but before Pakistan won the world cup 1992 it could have been observed in the streets the country. The only problem is that they do not have much developed grounds and areas for their skills to develop and some very talented youngsters end up doing some petty jobs to fill their bellies and earn for their loved ones.

A child develops interest in games from the age of 8 and ready to make skills development at 10. Youngster who wants to play competitive cricket should start to go on the net practice at the age of 10. At this age they can understand the instructions and develop gaming habits. Regular net practice at least two times in week will provide him the opportunity to learn and develop skills. Simultaneously he will need some match practice at least once a week as the two are different. Net practice will sharpen the playing skills while match practice will give him approach towards winning the game and how to develop long innings. Therefore as a parent if you plan that your child shall play competitive cricket then plan yourself and try and get him started on time.


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