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Wikileak: Now Indonesia Turn

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Cable leakage Diplomat I: JI Indonesia Uncoordinated

A good news for Indonesia after leaked diplomatic cable shows the talks between the U.S. embassy in Canberra to Washington to the public. In the wire shows the communication between  Australian Intelligence Agency (ONA) with the U.S. Intelligence Agency (CIA) through its embassy in Australia on terorrism act and JI group in Indonesia is no longer coordinated aka fragmented.

The cable was dated on October 2008 and being published on December 15 th this year by the whistle blow website WikiLeaks. A meeting between the Director General of the Australian Intelligence Agency (ONA), Peter Varghese with the ministries of Foreign Affairs of the United States, Fort Randall were recorded.

ONA says  ‘The pendulum has Turned’ about the leadership of JI in Indonesia because many senior members were killed, captured, fugitive, loss of funding and support. JI is considered to change the way of the movement to very very local act, guerilla, survival and regenarated. If there is threat, the threat level will be locally.

ONA said it may happen because of a combination on counter-terrorism and rejection of Indonesian society itself to their existence. In a leaked diplomatic memo was also stated that in general the southeast Asian society refused to  middle east Jihad method.

In the memo there was also a communication within a high-level exchange of intelligence data that mentioning Islam in Indonesia was back on track after steering by  Afghanistan  alumni from the 80’s era.

But not so with the Southern Philippines in the estimate is potentially volatile. The remaining members of JI has joined the group Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Abu Sayyaf in terrorism act.  ‘Think Tank’ result shows that consideration of this terrorist group to return to Indonesia and made disruption.

In anticipating this, Indonesia shall has the political stability, economic security and defense. Then Indonesian people will not be easily ‘pay’ for doing terror action.

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