Thursday, December 14

Know Your Motivation

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Motivation answers the question of why you act. There are many theories as to what drives individuals, be it needs or instincts, emotions or achievement. To better understand yourself, examine the reasons why you take particular actions. That simple self assessment will help you progress forward to the achievement of your goals.

Look at the habits that you have formed. Perhaps you do not enjoy the fact that you drink a six pack every night. maybe you smoke, despite the warning signals that your body gives. Think about the habit of interrupting your friends mid sentence or smacking your lips while you eat. You can conquer your bad habits if you are aware of the motivation behind them.

What satisfaction does the beer provide? Do you like it because you’re relaxed? Do you enjoy the taste or the color? Are you fond of the idea that when you drink more alcohol, you can set your past behind you momentarily? Are you avoiding or relaxing?

Looking more mundanely, what is your motivation for going to work? Are you in it strictly for the money, or does your work give you something more than that? Do you thrive because of the challenges, or do you hate it? Knowing what pushes you, whether it is the money or the power, will help you make better decisions.

Know your motivations and be absolutely aware of the actions which you take. Take a few moments to examine yourself, and the rewards can be infinite. Cultivate your strengths, and make your own rewards.

What are the key ingredients to your success?

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