Friday, December 15

Santa Claus' Name in Other Countries

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  • Afghanistan – Baba Chaghaloo

  • Albania – Babadimri

  • Armenia – Gaghant Baba

  • Belgium – Pere Noel

  • Bosnia/Herzegovina – Deda Mraz

  • Brazil – Papai Noel

  • Bulgaria – Dyado Koleda

  • Chile – Viejo Pascuero 

  • China – Dun Che Lao Ren

  • Croatia – Bozicnjak

  • Denmark – Julemanden

  • Egypt – Papa Noël

  • Estonia – Jouluvana.

  • France – Pere Noel

  • Finland – Joulupukki

  • Germany – Weihnachtsmann

  • Greece – Aghios Vassilis

  • Hawaii – Kanakaloka

  • Holland – Sinterklaas

  • Hungary – Mikulas

  • Iran – Baba Noel

  • Iraq – Vader Kersfees

  • Italy – Babbo Natale

  • Jamaica – Santa Claus

  • Latin America – Papá Noel

  • Lithuania – Kaledu Senelis

  • Malta – San Niklaw

  • Norway – Julenissen (Christmas gnome)

  • Poland – Swiety Mikolaj 

  • Portugal – Pai Natal

  • Romania – Mos Craciun

  • Russia – Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost)

  • Serbia – Deda Mraz

  • Scottish Highlands – Daidaín na Nollaig

  • Slovenia – Bozicek.

  • South Africa – Vader Kersfees

  • Spain – Papá Noel

  • Sweden – Jultomten (Christmas brownie)

  • Turkey – Noel Baba

  • United Kingdom – Father Christmas

  • Urdu – Baba Christmas

  • Wales – Sion Corn

  • Yugoslavia – Deda Mraz

in the Netherlands, or Holland, and was called Sinterklaas.  In Holland, there was once a kind bishop who wore long red robes and a pointed hat called a mitre.  He was tall and thin, sported a white beard, and was the patron saint of children. 

On December 5th, which is Christmas Eve there, the children put out their shoes filled with carrots and hay for Sinterklaas’ white horse.  Then they would tell their parents how good they were all year.  If they were good, they would find nuts, candy, and small gifts in their shoes the next morning.  

The differences between Santa Claus and Sinterklaas are just a few:

  • Santa is plump and Sinterklaas was thin
  • Santa has a sleigh and reindeer while Sinterklaas has a white horse
  • Santa comes down chimneys to put gifts in stockings while Sinterklaas puts gifts in shoes
  • Santa Claus is a secular figure of Christmas, while Sinterklaas was a bishop and therefore a religious symbol of Christmas

No matter what Santa Claus is called in other countries; Sinterklaas, Father Christmas, or Kris Kringle, he is a symbol of Christmas and the bearer of gifts. 

After all the gifts have opened and all the foods tasted, the REAL GIFTS remain: GOD, FAMILY and FRIENDS! All the very best for a merry Christmas and healthy and Happy New Year


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